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  • CC of the Week - UK Golfers Elite

    12 Aug 2014

    It's only the first day of all the new Country Club features on WGT, but thousands of WGT players are helping  level-up their clubs, and there are over thirty clubs already at Club Level 3.

    Sitting at the top of the Country Club Weekly Leaderboard in the game is UK Golfers Elite, who have already earned over 43,000 XP this week, wow!

    At Club Level 2, all of their members got free unlimited Putter Pal, and when they reach Level 4 pretty soon, they'll all get free unlimited Shot Pal. Plus XP Bonuses, more tournaments and more. See more about new Country Clubs here.

    What's really impressive is that UK Golfers Elite only has 88 members, but they're clearly very active, and range from a Level 30 Pro alfonzo1982 to a Level 119 Legend gersman1972...and from outside the UK too. It sounds like a fun group, and their Country Club page says it best...

    "UKGE is a busy, lively, social CC, with a variety of weekly comps, leagues, one-on-one tourneys, inter CC comps, matchplay comps, team comps, etc. etc. The competition between members is fierce, but always friendly. Members also have access to a private Facebook group - the 19th Hole."

    ...but watch out UKGE, both Senior Citizens and The old duffers retreat are coming up fast...well, as fast as seniors and old duffers can :)

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