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  • Rent Top Drivers and Woods on WGT

    12 Apr 2014

    It's Free Rental Weekend on WGT during the Masters.

    So what clubs should you try for free?

    Here are the most popular drivers, woods and hybrids among WGT players right now...

    Top Drivers - Callaway Big Bertha (Level 18/88/96), MAX Distance (Level 0), TaylorMade R1 (Level 11/48/98), Ping G20 (Level 58/81)

    Top 3 Woods - Callaway Big Bertha (Level 19/89), TaylorMade R11/R11s (Level 30/41/84/95), Ping G20 (Level 58/81), MAX Meter (Level 92)

    Top Hybrids - TaylorMade R11/R11s (Level 31/43), Ping G20 (Level 58/81)

    ...see top irons, wedges and putters tomorrow.

    To rent a WGT club, just visit the Pro Shop, find the club you want, click the RENT button, then play free for 24 Hours.


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