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  • Virtual Tour Update: IOA Open, Round 2

    30 Jan 2014

    With over 75,000 participants in this month's event, the journey to the top of the leaderboard will be anything but easy. While players had an unlimited amount of chances to post a first-round score in this 36-hole, cumulative event, they have only one chance this week to post a second-round score. As a result, even the most seasoned WGT veterans are feeling some pressure as the event's Jan. 31 conclusion draws near.

    Some highlights from the second round include keithm1's hole-out on the 16th and secenbarger's accurate approach to the opening hole.

    While many players still have yet to submit a second-round score, the final standings are beginning to take shape. Among the early leaders are... 

    • Tour Legend: dansamcam, 60.8 (see round 2 scorecard below)
    • Legend: adrian923, 70.3
    • Tour Master: Bodie2go - 123.9
    • Master: Richnow, 135.4
    • Tour Pro: Sorengolf, 116.7

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