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  • Improved Course Notebooks

    30 Jan 2014

    Based on early player feedback, we've improved Course Notebooks on WGT.

    Keep your tips handy for every virtual golf course on WGT, so you remember how to best play each hole.

    Notebook improvements include...

    • New tabs for easier navigation
    • Jump to any hole on the course
    • Access Notebooks when you're not playing

    See Course Notebook

    Some tips to remember...

    • There's a Notebook page for each fairway and each green, so two pages per hole for strokeplay courses
    • You can enter up to 500 characters (or symbols) per page in your Notebook
    • You only need ONE Notebook to save ALL your notes for EVERY course on WGT
    • Notebooks are only available on WGT on the Web right now, not on WGT Golf Mobile yet (but we'll let you know when they are)

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