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  • New and Improved Equipment

    29 Jan 2014

    See what's new on WGT, including new and improved virtual equipment...


    Improved Course Notebooks

    We've improved Course Notebooks based on early player feedback, so you can easily keep your tips handy for every course and hole on WGT. We've added new tabs for easier navigation, quickly jump to any hole on the course, access Notebooks when you're not playing a game and more.

    Remember: there is a Notebook page for each fairway and each green (so two pages per hole for stroke play courses), you can enter up to 500 characters per page and you only need ONE Notebook for all your course notes. 


    New Nike Covert 2.0 Driver

    The new Nike Covert 2.0 driver has the most carry distance of any driver on WGT to help you clear more hazards. This is the same new driver that Tiger Woods and other pros are playing this season. The new Sky Brace technology gives you higher trajectory and more carry distance, helping you cut more dogleg corners on WGT. Unlocks for top players at Level 100 in the Pro Shop.


    New MAX Spin Wedges

    The newest MAX wedges feature a slower WGT swing meter, plus precision and spin for top WGT players starting at Level 89. These wedges pair well with the MAX Meter full club set, to help you ding more shots and improve your scores.


    Special - Unlock Ping G20 Clubs Earlier (Limited Time!)

    Been thinking about an upgrade? Don't miss this limited time offer and get the popular Ping G20 virtual clubs with a slower meter, normally unlocking at Levels 58-59, now unlocking at Levels 54-55 for a few weeks only. 

    Remember: you can use Level-Up Boosts and XP Boosts to level up faster in the game so you don't miss out!


    Koele Ready-Go's

    Join a quick, fun Ready-Go tournaments on our newest virtual course, Koele in Hawaii. Compete against other WGT players, with the top 30 of 50 scores earning WGT Credits.

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