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  • Holiday Gift Ideas: Boosts

    18 Dec 2013

    Don't forget your WGT friends this holiday season, with great gifts you can send to everyone on your list.

    WGT Boosts make great gifts for your WGT friends, especially during this busy holiday season. Have a friend who is new to the game, or one that just needs that last push to unlock some great new virtual equipment? Boost them! 

    Gifting on WGT is easy: just go to the Pro Shop, choose an item, click the GIVE AS GIFT button and enter a WGT username.

    Here are a few Boosts available in the Pro Shop to get you started...

    • WGT Level-Up Boost - automatically move to the next level to unlock new virtual equipment (up to Level 64)
    • WGT XP Boost - earn XP (experience points) faster to level-up more quickly and unlock new virtual equipment (available in 5%, 10%, 20% and 40% multipliers)
    • WGT Speed-Up Boost - play more games in less time (2-4 times faster!)

    See Boosts in Pro Shop

    Note, you can only gift items to players if the item is unlocked based on their level or tier in the game.

    For more holiday gift ideas, click here.

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