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  • WGT Community: "The 12 Days of Christmas.....The Country Club Version"

    13 Dec 2013

    [EDITOR’S NOTE] Last December, we saw a wave of gifting generosity in the WGT community and this holiday season we wanted to highlight an event making a repeat appearance on the WGT Forums, started by WGT player, mrcaddie.

    "The 12 Days of Christmas.....The Country Club Version" is this year's spin on the original "12 Days of Christmas" gifting fun, and here’s what mrcaddie had to say about it…

    Back in Sept/Oct of 2012 there was a problem for players in countries other than the U.S. who wanted to watch videos for Credits. They couldn't watch them and get Credits, but here in the U.S. we could. A couple of threads were started in the forums concerning this issue and I read how some players really relied on them to get golf balls or new equipment. Their reasons for relying on the videos ranged anywhere from being retired and on a fixed income to the loss of their job because of the economy. 

    Well, I had saved up a bunch of Credits, so one day I just started sending gifts to some players that sounded as if they were in need, and that's when it happened...I started to receive the most sincere notes of thanks from the players I had sent gifts to. I was really touched that these strangers, that I'll never meet in real life, were so moved by these simple "virtual" gifts, and that's when the idea for the "12 Days of Christmas" was born. (To this day their kind notes are still on my wall.)

    For the first two "12 Days" events I was able to get twelve very generous players to sign up to play Santa and give away approximately 75-80 gifts during each event to some very deserving new players. 

    This year I thought I could include more players to play Santa and at the same time send out many more gifts. 

    So, this year’s event is called, "The 12 Days of Christmas....The Country Club Version." I have some great Country Clubs, as well as lots of individual players that have signed up to play Santa this year. Unlike last year’s event, this year we'll be sending out at least 144 free gifts from the Pro Shop to players in the forums in threads marked "On the Nth 12th Day of Christmas" beginning on December 13th and continuing through December 24th. Look for the threads every day in the And Everything Else section of the forums.

    I'd like to take this opportunity to thank everyone that is participating in this event, including WGT who has once again taken one of the "Days" and will be sending out free gifts to the community along with the rest of us.

    Thank you all so much and have a Merry Christmas everyone.


    [EDITOR'S NOTE] A note to WGT international players, we’ve since added more videos and offers for players outside the US to earn free WGT credits.

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