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  • New WGT Course Notebooks

    12 Dec 2013

    Take notes for every golf course and hole on WGT and keep them handy with new virtual Course Notebooks.

    Just like when you're out on the real course, save your tips so you remember how to best play each hole.

    See New Notebooks

    A few other notes about Notebooks...

    • You only need one Notebook to save ALL your notes for every course on WGT. 

    • Course Notebooks are only available on WGT on the Web right now, not on WGT Golf Mobile yet (but we'll let you know when they are). 

    • You can enter up to 500 characters per page in your Notebook (if you see anything about "500 symbols," that's what it means!)  

    • If you're using the Google Chrome browser with PepperFlash, you may have problems entering spaces in the Course Notebooks. You can either choose to use periods or commas instead of spaces, or turn off PepperFlash as follows: Visit chrome://plugins/ in your Chrome browser, click the Details button in the top right corner to expand the list, find the Adobe Flash Player and verify you have at least 2 Flash players installed, click the Disable link directly below the entry with the Location that references PepperFlash, close and re-launch Chrome browser. When you re-launch WGT, your spaces should work.

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