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  • TOUR UPDATE: WGT Winter Tour, Nov Champs

    06 Dec 2013

    All the scores have been posted from Merion Golf Club and the November WGT Winter Tour is now over.

    The challenging and historic venues of St Andrews, Bethpage Black and Merion Golf Club were no match for dansamcam who posted scores of 56, 57 and 61 to claim 1st place in the Tour Legend tier. We took a quick look at what's inside this winning virtual golf bag...

    WHAT'S IN THE BAG: dansamcam

    Most of the same virtual equipment is available in versions for players at lower levels in the game. Check out the WGT Pro Shop for details.

    Merion was a true test for players of all levels, including Tour Legend GEHL13, who said, "I find it's the most challenging course on WGT right now with some of the most difficult pin placements on the game. It definitely makes you think a little harder over some of the approach shots." GEHL13 posted scores of 57, 58 and 61 to finish 5th in the Tour Legend tier.

    When asked about this month's WGT Winter Tour tournament, BigKnight said, "I have definitely enjoyed the Winter Tour event…I think anything on this level (like the Opens during the summer) add so much to WGT, because it's a chance to see where you stand against the best players." BigKnight placed 9th in the Tour Legend tier.

    Congratulations to all the November WGT Winter Tour participants and these winners...


    • TOUR LEGEND: dansamcam (USA)
    • LEGEND: natemakesaholein (USA)
    • TOUR MASTER: Dementedmind (UK)
    • MASTER: buratino (USA)
    • TOUR PRO: NiFromFb (USA)
    • PRO: Jediknight1976 (UK)

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