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    12 Sep 2013

    One of the fun parts of WGT is playing golf with other players from all over the world. Here are some quick tips for all the different multi-player games you can play.

    You can join a multi-player game, or create your own, by selecting your choice from the MULTIPLAYER option along the bottom of the Main Menu on WGT...

    • JOIN - Joining a game is the fastest way to play a round with other players, just select the course or game type you want to play and we'll find a group that needs a player.
    • CREATE - Select this option if you want to create your own game with friends or other WGT players. You'll be able to choose the course, game type, etc. for the game before you invite other players to join.
    • COMPLETION PERCENTAGE - When you are in a multi-player game lobby, where you can see all the participating players, you'll notice either a green, yellow or red check mark next to each username. This represents their multi-player game "completion percentage" to help you decide whether you want to play with that player or not. A green check mark means they have an "excellent" completion reputation playing multi-player games, yellow means they have a "good" percentage, etc. so there's a lower risk of having that player disconnect or leave the game early.

    GROUPS - Round up three other players to create a virtual golf foursome and play closest-to-the-hole or stroke play games. You can invite other players to join you by selecting from your friends list, entering a username manually, inviting a random player that wants to play the game, or inviting anyone that is looking to join a game.

    MATCH PLAY - Compete head-to-head against another player, the player that wins the most holes wins the game. With match play scoring, you'll be "1-up" or "1-down," and when the game is tied, the scores will appear as "AS" (All Square). Watch the WGT tutorial video and read more about Match Play games.

    SKINS - Skins games are multi-player games for 2-4 players where you win by getting the most "skins" (or individual holes) in the game. You win each "skin" (hole) by scoring the lowest. These games can be played in Practice Mode, or play to earn WGT Credits. Read more about Skins games.

    ALT SHOT – Alternate Shot games are where two-person teams take turns hitting each shot until the hole is finished. If you hit the first drive on a hole, then your partner will hit the next shot from where your ball landed, then you will take the next turn from where their ball landed, continuing until the hole is finished. Read more about Alt Shot here.

    BLITZ - Blitz games are fast-paced multi-player games for 2-4 players, where you take 9 shots on any of our closest-to-the-hole golf courses. The goal is to score the highest by getting your ball as close to each hole as possible, but scoring also incorporates additional factors like streaks, bonuses and multipliers. Read more about Blitz games.

    For more game tips from the WGT community, be sure to visit the Forum.

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