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  • UPDATE: Virtual U.S. Open Qualifier

    14 Jun 2013

    While the pros compete against each other – and mother nature – YOU can join the action on Merion by playing in the Virtual U.S. Open on WGT. You'll also face some good competition, but not the stormy weather.

    There's still time to enter the Virtual U.S. Open Qualifier tournament and play the Merion full-18 stroke play course. You not only get a free Lexus avatar and Lexus virtual golf ball just for entering, you also have a chance to get a sweepstakes grand prize golf trip for two to the 2014 U.S. Open at Pinehurst #2.

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    Also happening this week on Merion...

    WGT NATION members are competing in the Nation Merion Challenge tournament. This special two-round tournament on WGT features an unlimited qualifier round open through Friday, 6/14, and the top 50% of scores in each tier advance to a single-play championship weekend round, 6/15-6/16 to post their final combined scores.

    Reminder – This is a tiered, NATION-only tournament and many of the current cut lines are above par. If you haven't posted your first round score yet, be sure to post one today, you still have a good chance to make the weekend championship round cut!

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    Legends Merion Challenge Update

    Last week, we challenged some of the top players on WGT to compete against each other in a special tournament on Merion, with the twist of including uneven lies.

    The inclusion of uneven lies to the course added 6-9 strokes to top scores, compared to the scores in the Virtual U.S. Open Qualifier tournament. All very impressive, considering the par on Merion is 70 in each round (140 total) and only about 50 Legends and 20 Tour Legends were able to beat par in last week's tournament.

    Congratulations to the top leaderboard scores in both the Legend and Tour Legend tiers...

    Legend: Hanswurst72 (Level 93 Legend) shot a 59 and 63 in each round for a final score of 122

    Tour Legend: fmagnets (Level 99 Tour Legend) shot a 61 in both rounds, totaling 122

    • bulfrog2004 (Level 96 Tour Legend) tied for the top score (122), but their round two score of 63 put them into second place based on tie-breaking rules

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