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    19 Mar 2013

    Putting is a challenging part of golf to master, and virtual putting on World Golf Tour is no different.

    We've put together some putting tips from top players to help you read the green and improve your virtual putting game.

    PUTTING TUTORIAL - For a good general overview, check out the WGT Putting Tutorial video in the game or on YouTube here

    REVERSE VIEW - Click the arrow in the bottom right corner to change between regular and Reverse View. Use this camera angle to look at your shot from behind the hole. This will help you read the slopes on the green and aim your putt more accurately.

    GRID COLOR - Pay attention to the colors of the putting grid. The brighter the color is, the more significant the change in elevation.

    • Black areas are flat
    • Blue areas slope uphill 
    • Red areas slope downhill

    MOVING DOTS ON THE GRID - The moving white dots along the lines on your putting grid tell you the direction of the slopes on the green. 

    • The faster the dots are moving, the bigger the break is, so the ball will roll faster over those areas.

    POINTER MEASUREMENTS - The pointer also tells you how much uphill or downhill slope the putt has, so you can adjust your power.

    GRID SQUARES - Each square on the grid represents 2 feet x 2 feet. 

    PUTTER PALMany WGT players swear by the Putter Pal that displays below the swing meter with 10%, 25%, 50% and 75% marks to help you select the precise power on every putt. 

    TAKE NOTES - Just like when you're playing the real golf course, if the green, breaks, putt, etc. didn't do what you expected, take notes for what to do differently and improve next time.

    Here are some good WGT Forum posts by WGT players for additional tips:

    For more putting and game tips from the WGT community, be sure to visit the Forum.

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