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  • WGT Community in the Spirit of Gifting

    14 Dec 2012

    Recently, there's been a wave of gifting generosity going around the WGT community, and in the spirit of the holidays, we just had to share!

    • alcaucin, a L92 Legend, gifted ddaukas a shiny new wedge and fmagnets a sleeve of golf balls...just because.
    • SilentOmegaWolf, a L84 Legend, offered up anything in the WGT Pro Shop for 200c or less that turned into a stylish new avatar for WGTer, Buggyyy.
    • opyeuclid, a L94 Tour Master, gifted some premium golf balls to both andyson and frappefort for their contributions to this very funny "WGT National Enquirer Special Report" cover, featuring WGT's own WGTicon and WGTpizza.
    • Sometimes "generosity" can simply come in the form of new friendships, like fmagnets, a L89 Legend, who welcomed enough new friends to reach the "magic 100" to achieve the Diamond Socialite award.
    • mrcaddie, a L94 Tour Master, got a little "12 Days of Christmas" fun started by recruiting 10 other generous Santas to gift random WGTers for 12 days. Be sure to keep an eye out on the Forums for posts titled, "On the XX Day of Christmas..." to follow along.

    We're loving all the good karma floating around the WGT community. If you've seen some awesome sportsmanship or generosity that we should know about, let us know on the WGT Forums.

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