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  • New MAX Irons, MAX Color Vapor Balls and South African Avatars

    07 Nov 2012

    We've expanded the popular new MAX line of virtual golf equipment, which provides players with the maximum performance in one key area, like precision, control or slow meter. And also added South African Avatars based on Facebook Fan voting, and doubled the Maximum Bet option for Blitz, Match Play and Skins games. Enjoy!


    New MAX Precision Irons

    Get maximum accuracy on your iron shots with the new MAX PRECISION Iron Set. Pair these new irons with premium golf balls for extra distance or a slower swing meter, and it's game on. Unlocks for top players at Level 45 or higher.

    New MAX Slow Meter Color Vapors

    Get the golf balls with the slowest WGT swing meter in the game to help you ding every shot – now with vapor trails available in different colors to better trace your shots. The new MAX METER Color Vapor Balls unlock for Amateur and Tour Pro players or higher.


    New South African Avatars

    New South African avatars wearing national colors join the collection of WGT country avatars available in the Pro Shop. See the new South African Male 1 Avatar.


    New Higher Maximum Betting Options

    Based on player feedback, we've doubled the maximum bet option for Blitz, Match Play and Skins Challenge games against other players for WGT Credits. Please note, you can still choose any amount you want, and because these are high-stakes challenge games, we recommend them for top WGT players only.


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