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    12 Oct 2012

    We've been expanding the options to help you manage the email that you receive from WGT.

    The latest is the ability to control the Free Credit Confirmation emails that are sent when you receive WGT credits from surveys, videos or offers on WGT. As a courtesy, WGT has opted-out all players from those Free Credit Confirmation emails, so if you want to continue receiving them, just visit your Account page and opt-in for that or any of the other emails below.

    Account Page Email Settings

    • Receive WGT updates and news - about new game features, equipment and special offers (typically 1 per week)
    • Receive special offers from WGT partners - special offers from WGT partners (typically 1 per month)
    • Receive challenges from friends - emails from your WGT friends challenging you to beat their score to win credits
    • Receive emails from my country club - emails sent from your WGT country club
    • Receive emails from my country club owner - emails from the owner of your WGT country club
    • Receive free credit confirmations - emails confirming free WGT credits earned from surveys, videos of offers

    Note, If you are a registered user of WGT, you automatically receive other transactional emails about your use of WGT, and you will not be able to opt-out of receiving those transactional emails. See Privacy Policy for details.

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