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    10 Oct 2012

    Below are the latest features just added to the World Golf Tour golf game, including new Congressional hole locations, multi-round CTTH tournaments and improved Uneven Lies, and new in the Pro Shop are the MAX CONTROL Putters, MAX METER Vapor Balls, English Avatars and a new WGT Baseball virtual golf ball...


    New Congressional Hole Locations

    We've added a new set of hole locations on Congressional, site of the 2011 U.S. Open, creating exciting new shots and new challenges. Be the first to play all the new hole locations in the Congressional free monthly tournament.

    New Multi-Round CTTH Tournaments

    WGT tournaments can now include multiple rounds and cut lines for both stroke play and closest-to-the-hole events. Play in the October Multi-Round CTTH free tournament with rounds on St Andrews and Wolf Creek.

    Improved Uneven Lies

    Check out the more realistic, but still challenging shots from uphill, downhill and sidehill lies, as well as improved chipping and sand shots from uneven lies. Note, we're still working on improving the left-to-right distance and flight path, so Uneven Lies is still for practice games only, but let us know what you think.


    New MAX Control Putter

    Make more putts with more swing meter increments, including improved distance control for short putts under 10 feet. These top-performing and cool-looking new MAX CONTROL Putters unlock for top players at the Pro Tier and Master Tier.


    New MAX Meter Vapor Balls

    Ding more shots with the slowest meter in the game – now with black vapor trails! The new MAX METER Vapor Balls unlock for players at the Amateur Tier and Tour Pro Tier.


    New English Avatars

    New English avatars with a large red St George's Cross on the back, which join the collection including UK, Scotland, Wales and Ireland. Available now in the Pro Shop. See the new English Male 1 Avatar.

    New Baseball Golf Ball

    In time for the exciting MLB post-season playoffs and World Series, you can now get the new WGT Baseball virtual golf ball featuring classic red baseball stitches and a red vapor trail. Get extra distance and spin on your golf shots...with a little baseball style.

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