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  • Ryder Cup Weekend on WGT

    28 Sep 2012

    Don't miss all the Ryder Cup fun on World Golf Tour this weekend...

    Team Vapor Balls

    • Team USA vapor balls with the American flag, for extra distance!
    • Team Europe vapor balls with the European flag, for extra distance!

    Team Avatars

    • Team USA avatars with red pants/skirt, red cap and American flag logo
    • Team Europe avatars with blue pants/skirt, blue cap and European flag logo

    Special Tournaments
    Held on Celtic Manor, site of the last 2010 Ryder Cup...

    • WGT Cup, enter and get a free Team Vapor Ball!
    • eBay Golf Cup, enter for a chance to win eBay Golf Gift Cards!

    The real Ryder Cup at Medinah runs Fri thru Sun, on the Golf Channel, NBC and your local broadcasters. Visit the official site for more information.

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