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  • Ding More Shots with MAX

    11 Sep 2012

    Introducing MAX, a new line of virtual golf equipment from WGT, starting with the new MAX Meter Balls.

    These virtual golf balls offer the slowest WGT swing meter, giving you the best chance to "ding" more shots with a maximum 5 rating in Feel, along with more distance and more spin. Hit more perfect shots, straighter and longer.

    See MAX Balls

    There are two new MAX Meter Balls available in the Pro Shop...

    • MAX Slow Meter Balls (Hack+) - for any player with the slowest swing meter and good distance and spin
    • MAX Slow Meter Balls (Pro+) - for Pro or higher players with the slowest swing meter and great distance and spin

    ...and all new MAX equipment will unlock at tiers to better align with player skill levels.


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