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  • Play Closest-To-The-Hole Ready-Go's on Wolf Creek

    06 Sep 2012

    Play Wolf Creek in its first ever Ready-Go CTTH tournament!

    Wolf Creek is one of the most popular virtual golf courses on WGT and is now available to play as a Ready-Go CTTH tournament, running all this month.

    Last month, we announced Ready-Go tournaments as 9-shot closest-to-the-hole games. Now we've introduced Wolf Creek in this format for the first time.

    Enter for only 100 WGT credits, and the top 30 of 50 players earn credit prizes, with 6X credits for first place.

    See Ready-Go's

    These fast tournaments are limited to just 50 players and close 3 hours after the last entry. Play them over and over for your chance to earn WGT credits quickly.

    Ready-Go's are paid online tournaments on World Golf Tour. There's always a Ready-Go tournament available, and the courses change every few weeks, with entry fees from 50 to 1,000 WGT credits.

    Good luck!

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