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  • WGT Launches Uneven Lies and MAX Meter Balls for Ryder Cup Month

    29 Aug 2012

    We have some exciting new improvements this month that WGT players will definitely want to check out...

    New Uneven Lies

    Uneven Lies is the most significant and exciting addition to World Golf Tour in recent history, making the game even more realistic and challenging.

    You can now choose to play with realistic uphill, downhill and sidehill lies. This new "Uneven Lies" feature is currently only available in Practice stroke play games, so there's no impact on Average Scores and we can get feedback from players on the impact of the new feature.

    If you select the new "Uneven Lies" option in a practice game, you will see a new grid when you're not on the tee or putting green, that visually shows the slope of your lie...

    • Uphill Lies - your shots will go higher and shorter
    • Downhill Lies - your shots will go lower and shorter
    • Sidehill Lies - your shots will go left when the ball is above your feet and right when the ball is below your feet

    Note: if you select the current "Even Lies" option in any game, you'll continue to have the same experience with relatively flat lies on fairway, rough, sand or other surfaces.

    Uneven Lies makes your experience more realistic, but also harder, as like in real-life players will want to favor flatter landing areas of the course, or they will face more challenging shots from uneven lies.

    We'll be monitoring WGT Forums closely for feedback on this new feature, so let us know what you think!


    Ryder Cup Month


    September is Ryder Cup Month, as the world's top 12 players from Team USA and Team EUROPE battle at Medinah starting on 9/27.

    To help WGT players root for their team, we've launched special limited-edition Team USA and Team EUROPE virtual equipment, including...

    • Team USA and Team EUROPE Balls - based on the popular GI-SD model with additional distance, spin and a cool vapor trail
    • Team USA and Team EUROPE Avatars - wear the colors to support your team

    ...and stay tuned for a special WGT tournament during the Ryder Cup!

    New Wolf Creek Ready-Go's

    Wolf Creek is one of the most popular virtual golf courses on WGT. Last month we introduced new Ready-Go tournaments on Closest-to-the-Hole 9-shot games. This month we debut Wolf Creek in its first Ready-Go CTTH. These fast tournaments are only 100 credits to enter and close 3 hours after the 50th entry, so you can play them over and over again. Good luck!


    New MAX Slow Meter Balls

    Meet MAX, a new line of virtual golf equipment from WGT, that offers the "maximum" performance in a key area.

    The first MAX product is the new MAX Meter Ball which offers the slowest WGT swing meter, with a 5 out of 5 ranking in feel, but slightly less distance and spin than the top NIKE balls. However, if you want a better chance to "ding" more shots and hit them straighter and longer, then MAX is the ball for you.

    There are 2 MAX Meter balls, unlocking for Hacks and for Pros, and all the new MAX equipment will unlock at Tiers instead of Levels to better align the equipment with the player's skill level.


    New TaylorMade R11S Hybrid

    Fans of the top-performing R11S Driver and 3 Wood will be happy to see a matching R11S Hybrid, now available at Level 43 and Level 96, with more distance and a matching swing meter so players can have a full set of R11S woods.


    More Country Avatars


    We've added more country avatars for countries as voted on by Facebook fans. Enjoy new country avatars with the national colors of Ireland, Scotland, Wales and Australia. These countries were selected by WGT Facebook fan voting, with more countries coming soon! Visit the Pro Shop to see the new avatars.


    New Stroke Play Lobby and Disconnect %

    Based on player feedback we've added a lobby to stroke play multi-player games, so if one of your players gets disconnected they have 5 minutes to reconnect to the game and finish with the group, instead of on their own. The Stroke Play Lobby works the same as with multi-player Skins and Alternate Shot games.

    And to help players decide who they want to play with, we've added a Disconnect % next to player names in multi-player game set-up that shows how often that player does not complete multi-player games. We anticipate tuning the rules for Disconnect % based on player feedback, so let us know what you think.


    New Gift Card Options

    WGT players who like to use Gift Cards for WGT Credits will find some new options available. In addition to Subway, Circle K and CVS, you can now redeem Gift Cards from Burger King and Shell. A Whopper or Nike Balls? Tough call. Redeem your Gift Cards for WGT Credits.

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