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  • New Best of Putting Course

    16 Aug 2012

    We've added another "Best Of" course to WGT, our new Best of Putting course, featuring 9 of the more difficult putts from different WGT courses in a closest-to-the-hole format, including...

    1. St Andrews, Hole 2, 83 feet
    2. Olympic Club, Hole 13, 28 feet
    3. Congressional, Hole 17, 71 feet
    4. Bethpage Black, Hole 8, 34 feet
    5. St Andrews, Hole 11, 18 feet
    6. Congressional, Hole 9, 79 feet
    7. Bethpage Black, Hole 17, 23 feet
    8. St Andrews, Hole 7, 260 feet
    9. Congressional, Hole 13, 29 feet

    Play the free Monthly Sweeps tournament on the new Best of Putting course, where 3 random players will win 500 WGT Credits.

    And don't miss the other "Best Of" courses on WGT including the Best of Famous Shots and Best of Water Shots closest-to-the hole challenges, plus full stroke play courses for Best of Famous Holes and Best of Hardest Holes.

    *Free tournament open to all players. See tournament rules for prize eligibility.

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