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    08 Aug 2012

    For the past of couple weeks, online games that run in web browsers that use Adobe Flash have been experiencing display issues and crashes. Adobe has confirmed that these Flash issues were introduced in late July and is working hard on fixing the problems. See Adobe confirmed issues.

    This may be impacting your experience playing WGT, but the best solution depends on your web browser, so here’s what WGT recommends…

    Google Chrome – Chrome is the browser that WGT recommends for performance and because it automatically updates plug-ins like Flash, and the issues reported earlier in August appear to be addressed with the latest version:

    Microsoft Internet Explorer – IE appears to have avoided these Flash issues in the latest versions:

    Mozilla Firefox – Flash issues were reported in Firefox but appear to be addressed with the latest versions:

    Apple Safari – Safari appears to have fixed similar Flash issues with their latest:

    If you still have issues with the World Golf Tour game, please email us at members@worldgolftour.com and let us know which versions of the above web browser and Flash you're using so we can help you out.

    **FLASH UPDATE - 8/22**

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