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  • Hardest Holes at the 2012 U.S. Open

    09 May 2012

    As we continue our coverage leading up to this year's 2012 U.S. Open golf championship at The Olympic Club, we'll take a look at the challenges awaiting players on the front 9 of the Lake Course. Any of the golf holes can be played free without signup virtually at World Golf Tour.

    This year, the course will play at a par-70 and 7,170 yards, which is 373 yards longer than when The Olympic Club hosted the national championship in 1998. The front 9 will play at a par-34 and the back nine a par-36 because the par on holes 1 and 17 have been flipped. More than half of the holes have dog legs, including four where the ultra-narrow fairways will go in opposite directions. Additionally, the elevation constantly changes and the unleveled lies could prove particularly challenging.

    The front 9 holes at The Olympic Club this year are expected to be the hardest start of any U.S. Open, and players who are able to complete the first 6 holes at par may be in a strong position on the leaderboard. Here’s a closer look at those holes:

    U.S. Open, Hole 3: Expected to be the hardest par-3 on the course, as it grades slightly downhill and is protected by four bunkers, offering no safety to the side of the hole. 

    U.S. Open, Hole 4: The best par-4 on the course. This dogleg left starts a steady dose of holes where shot shaping the ball is critical in scoring well. Play Hole 4 with top performing NIKE virtual golf balls.

    • U.S. Open, Hole 5: Features a lot of elevation change where the fairway cants the opposite direction of the dogleg, which will pose quite a challenge for players. 

    U.S. Open, Hole 8: Once one of the easiest holes on the course, it is entirely new from the last championship in 1998, and now features little room for error along the right-side trees. Try Hole 8 with a TaylorMade virtual driver on WGT.

    Stay tuned for weekly updates from WGT, and visit the USGA site for more information on the 2012 U.S. Open Championship.

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