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  • New High-Stakes Ready-Go's

    17 Oct 2011


    For over a year now, the Ready-Go tournaments on WGT have grown in popularity with thousands of WGT players now competing in hundreds of Ready-Go tournaments. So, last week, we expanded our Ready-Go tournaments from $1 entry fee to higher stakes tournaments, with $5, $10 and $20 entry fees.

    The new Ready-Go Tournaments work the same way. You pick a Ready-Go, pay 100, 500, 1,000 or 2,000 WGT Credits to enter, and then play the course to post your score. Once 50 people have entered and posted scores, that Ready-Go is over, and the winners are automatically notified, typically in about 24 hours.

    Ready-Go's have a great payout, with the Top 30 of 50 players earning WGT Credits, and first place paying 6X the entry fee, as follows...


    • $ 1 Ready-Go - 100 credit ($1) entry fee = 600 credits ($6) for first place
    • $ 5 Ready-Go - 500 credit ($5) entry fee = 3,000 credits ($30) for first place
    • $10 Ready-Go - 1,000 credit ($10) entry fee = 6,000 credits ($60) for first place
    • $20 Ready-Go - 2,000 credit ($20) entry fee = 12,000 credits ($120) for first place


    As always, you can use your WGT Credits to enter match play challenges and paid tournaments, in our Pro Shop to upgrade your virtual golf equipment and get real-world prizes, or to play more Ready-Go's.

    We'll be watching the tournaments closely and adjusting the mix of courses, holes and entry fees for November. Enjoy!


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