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  • Update on Virtual U.S. Open Championship

    23 Jun 2011

    This week is the Virtual U.S. Open Championship on WGT featuring 210 top players competing for the championship with two 18-hole rounds ending on Sunday, June 26th.


    Course Conditions: high winds, championship green speed (13 Stimpmeter)

    The first round ended yesterday with some exciting play and great scores...

    Funkyjunkie3000 posted an early 58

    AvatarLee, the 2010 Virtual British Open champion, shot a 62, 4 strokes back

    TugboatDoug and Starsandros each posted a 59, with a couple great replay highlights...

    TugboatDoug on Hole #1

    Starsandros on Hole #10

    BolloxInBruges, the 2010 Virtual U.S. Open champion, shot a 59 to join the group in second place

    Shankette matched FunkyJunkie at 58, tied for the lead heading into the second round


    Conditions: medium winds, championship green speed (13 Stimpmeter)

    The second round started today with most players' scores improving from the first round with the lighter winds...

    BigNight has the best second round so far with a 60 but is in eighth place with a combined score of 128 (68-60)

    stuffix is in second place at 126 (64-62) with the highlight of the day, using the cart path (intentionally we think) in order to reach the green from over 300 yards out on the par five Hole #9, wow! (click camera 6 for the best view)

    stuffix on Hole #9


    The most consistent rounds are currently tied for second place at 125, Hanswurst72 with a 62-63 and PRIESTESS with a 63-62, impressive

    And Dianne81 just posted a 123 (60-63) to take the lead by 2 shots!


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