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  • New Vapor Trail Balls, Cleveland Lob Wedge, Fringe & Best Scores

    07 Jun 2011

    New virtual equipment and improvements to the fringe around the greens. Let us know what you think in our forums or at members@worldgolftour.com

    NEW - Callaway Vapor Trail Balls

    We've added the popular Vapor Trail option to the Callaway Tour balls to help trace your shots through the air, including the Callaway Vapor Balls (L37+) and Callaway Legend Vapor Balls (L53+).

    NEW - Srixon Yellow Vapor Trail Balls

    We've also added Vapor Trails and the exciting Neon Yellow option to the Srixon Z-Star balls, including the Srixon Neon Yellow (L11+) and Srixon Vapor Balls Z-STAR (L21+).

    NEW - Cleveland 64 Degree Lob Wedge


    The Cleveland wedges have quickly become one of the most-popular clubs on WGT, so we expanded the existing set of 52, 56 and 60 degree wedges with a 64 degree Lob Wedge, perfect for landing the ball softly on the green. See the Cleveland 64 Degree Wedge (L31+) and Cleveland 64 Degree Wedge (L80+)

    Improved Fringe

    One of the top player requests has been to improve the performance and consistency of the fringe around the greens, which we’ve just done, so the fringe on all courses now plays more accurately.

    This means you can more easily chip and putt from the fringe, and your approach shots will more easily roll through the fringe as well. It may take a little adjustment but it should be a more realistic experience. Please let us know what you think.

    Best Scores

    At the end of a good scoring round, you’ll now see your score compared to your other WGT Friends on that course. You’ll also have the option to post and highlight that score in your friends' Activity Feed, and for doing that you’ll earn 10 XP (Experience Points).

    We’re planning to expand Best Scores more in the future, to help you compete against yourself and your friends more easily, so please provide your feedback on what you would like to do with your top scores on WGT.



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