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  • New: Equipment, Boosts, Recommendations, Average Scores and Zong!

    27 Oct 2010

    We’ve been busy! Please enjoy all the latest game improvements and let us know what you think in our forums or at members@worldgolftour.com

    Today's new features include new equipment in the Pro Shop, XP Boosts, Recommendations for XP, improved Average Score formula and Zong for mobile payments.

    Pro Shop Equipment

    WGT Tour PLUS Clubs – A new brand of golf clubs designed for newer players who want the advantages of top equipment without having to wait until a higher level in the game. See the clubs!

    WGT Pro Clubs – A new set of golf clubs designed for players in the Pro tier with all the features to help them compete and move more quickly to Tour Pro and Master. See the clubs!

    WGT Legend Balls – Based on player feedback, we’ve reduced the price of the recent Legend GI-SD2 balls by 15% and added it in all colors and with a Vapor Trail. We’ve also added the new Legend GI2-SD2 with the same performance benefits plus a slower swing meter. See the balls!

    TaylorMade Ghost Putter – Our new top putter isn’t unlocked until Level 84, as a reward to our most dedicated players. This beauty from TaylorMade has a unique all-white clubhead and an innovative design for unparalleled putting precision. See the putter!

    Special Edition Halloween Ball – A little fun for our US players, a special Halloween ball in orange with a ghostly magenta Vapor Trail. Based on our popular Vapor Trail balls and available for the next week only—a fun collector’s item! See the balls!



    We’ve added virtual Snacks to our Pro Shop! Our new XP Boost Drinks help you earn Experience Points (XP) faster so you can level-up more quickly and unlock more equipment upgrades. Buy one for yourself or gift one to a friend. Look for more snacks and boosts coming soon! Buy one or gift one to a friend today!



    We’ve improved our WGT Recommends options in the main Game Menu to help you explore the game. And now you can earn more Experience Points (XP) by following the recommendations, to help you level-up faster and unlock more equipment upgrades.



    To all our international players, you can now purchase WGT Credits right from your mobile phone. We’ve partnered with ZONG, the leader in mobile phone payments, which is accessible on mobile carriers in these 35 countries:

    Argentina Australia Austria Belgium Brazil Canada
    Czech Republic Chile Colombia Denmark Finland France
    Germany Greece Hungary India Indonesia Ireland
    Malaysia Mexico New Zealand Netherlands Norway Peru
    Poland Portugal Russia South Africa Spain Sweden
    Switzerland Turkey UK USA Venezuela

    Visit the Buy Credits page to use Zong to purchase credits! Buy Credits Now!


    We’ve made improvements to how your Average Score is calculated and when you advance to the next Tier in WGT. These changes will help players in the same Tier to compete more fairly, and encourage everyone to complete more rounds and earn more experience points so they reach new Levels faster.

    • Your Average Score will be based on multiple best scores within ONLY your current Tier, not scores that you shot when in previous Tiers, which better reflects your current skill competing with the tee boxes and green speeds in your current Tier
    • Your Average Score will be based on ONLY your best scores, so completing a bad round will not negatively impact your Average Score or Tier. So be sure to finish all your rounds and gain the extra experience points, as a bad day won’t matter
    • Advancing to the next Tier requires a qualifying Average Score AND a minimum amount of completed stroke play games, which will take a little more time but will help players reach the Levels necessary to unlock upgraded equipment that is helpful to compete at higher Tiers


    • Multi-player Games: added 30, 45, 60, 90 second shot clocks and “Any 9” options
    • Blitz Games: added new Rematch option and pre-shot messages about Streaks


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