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    01 Sep 2010

    More about Levels

    Thanks for all the feedback on the new Level system that we released today. Levels are designed to help all players be rewarded by unlocking new virtual equipment and other prizes for them as the play WGT.  Levels are separate from your Tier (Hack, Amateur, Pro, etc.) which are based on your skill and score history.  The Level system is designed to be fair to all players, based on their love of the game and not just their skill.

    Your Level will increase as you play WGT and interact with other players online. Here are some of the ways that you’ll earn experience points (XP) that will increase your Levels…

    • Hitting the ball
    • Playing and completing any round of golf, including stroke play, match play and closest-to-the-hole
    • More points are awarded for any tournament or multi-player game
    • More points for more people in your multi-player groups
    • Winning awards during your round, as long as you complete the round
    • Playing on consecutive days, with each additional day adding more experience points
    • A small experience point bonus for players who deposit $5 or more in credits

    In this example, the player has advanced to Level 20 (L20) and has 3,270 of the 3,450 experience points needed to reach Level 21 and unlock more virtual equipment.

    More about Tiers

    When you reach a new Tier (Hack, Amateur, pro, etc.) we provide you with WGT Credits that you can use to upgrade your virtual equipment or enter tournaments. Here’s how many WGT Credits you earn at each new tier.
    Tier            WGT credits awarded

    Tour Pro............125
    Tour Master.........175

    Once again, thank you for your feedback on the new tiers and levels. We hope that you find that they present more challenges, more fun, and more great matches with friends, new and old.

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