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  • Special Master & Pro Clearance Sale Through Sunday

    19 Aug 2010

    Later this month, WGT will be expanding our Tiers and adding new Levels to help make the game more fair and fun for everyone. We'll also be changing our Pro Shop to make our virtual golf equipment available based on your Level and not your Tier. Later this month, all of the current "Master" and "Pro" equipment will be replaced by similar equipment based on Levels.

    To help players take advantage of this unique last-chance opportunity, we're running a Clearance Sale, reducing prices by 25% on all the Master & Pro golf clubs and balls in the Pro Shop, now thru Sunday, August 22nd.

    This is the time to play WGT and improve to the Pro or Master Tier, so you can buy a Pro Driver with more distance, a Master Putter with more precision, a full set of Pro or Master clubs, or premium golf balls. When you visit the Pro Shop, you can use WGT Credits in your account or purchase additional credits if needed.

    More about WGT Tiers & Levels Coming Later This Month

    • WGT Tiers are based on your scores and used to determine who you compete against in tournaments and match play. In order to make competition and matches more interesting and fair, we're expanding from 4 to 7 Tiers, now including Hack, Amateur, Pro, Tour Pro, Master, Tour Master and Legend.
    • WGT Levels are new and are based on completing rounds and interacting with other players. At new Levels, players will be able to unlock new virtual items previously unavailable to them. Levels will make WGT more fun for everyone regardless of their skill, and also encourage players to finish more multi-player games and matches.
    • The WGT Pro Shop will start unlocking all our virtual golf equipment based on Level rather than Tier. As in real life, you may never play as well as a real pro, but that doesn't mean you can't buy the same equipment they're using. However, also in real life, some golf equipment will continue to be designed for beginners and other for experts, in terms of factors like swing meter speed and forgiveness.

    Note, there won't be any changes to the golf equipment that you already have in your WGT bag, and you will still be able to sell back any clubs to the Pro Shop for credits.

    Read more on the WGT Forum about Tiers & Levels here.

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