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  • Introducing Country Club Tournaments, New Equipment, and More

    29 Jun 2010

    Here are the highlights from today's product release. While we make an effort to include all updates made to the product, please note that occasionally some changes are unintentionally omitted.

    Compete Against Your Friends in User-Created Tournaments!

    You can now create tournaments that can be played only by members of your country club!  Any club member can set up a tournament for their fellow club members to participate in. They can be free, and players will compete for a virtual trophy and bragging rights, or you can set an entry fee and have a credit payout for the winners! Select between Stroke Play or Closest-to-the-Hole formats and select what course to play, green speed, wind strength and hole locations.

    Go to your Country Club homepage now to create a tournament! Or if you aren't a member of club yet, create or join one now!

    Invite More Friends to Join the Fun! Country Clubs Can Now Include Up to 250 Players.

    You can now increase the size of your country club! Club owners can raise the club member limit by accessing the Country Club’s Owner Tools section and selecting a new club size. Owners can increase the club to a total of 30 members for an additional 100 credits, 50 members for 150 credits, 100 members for 250 credits, or a maximum of 250 members for 500 credits.

    Tournaments are more fun with more competition so increase the size of your club today!


    Light up the Course with New Vapor Balls.

    Now you can watch your ball in flight with new Vapor trail balls. The GI-3S Vapor, GI-SD Vapor, and Tour-SD Vapor leave a trail in the ball's color that allows you to watch your ball's path in flight.  Check them out in the Pro Shop.


    New Loudmouth Avatars

    Express yourself and have a little fun on the course with these colorful ensembles from Loudmouth.


    Bug Fixes and Other Changes

    • Championship tees added for Kiawah Island
    • New hole locations have been added to St Andrews and they will debut in the Championship rounds of the Virtual Open Championship
    • A free drop after hitting an immovable obstruction will no longer result in a lost ball
    • Waterboy award is now being properly awarded in CTTH games

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