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  • Hit Further! Read this to find out how to equip more powerful clubs

    01 Jun 2010

    Did you know you have two different sets of clubs in your inventory? When you first join the game, your golf bag is automatically equipped with our Beginner clubs, which offer a slower swing meter, and are a great way to get used to playing the game. But you also have second set of clubs, the WGT Starter clubs, that offer an increase in distance and power with a slightly faster swing meter.

    To switch from the Beginner clubs to the Starter set, you'll need to go the the My Equipment tool within the game. To access this tool you must be logged in to the game. Click on the My Equipment option under My Settings from the Main Menu. Alternatively, you can also access My Equipment from your profile page. 

    Once you are in the My Equipment interface you need to "click and drag" the club or ball you would like to equip from the inventory section into the In My Bag section. Make sure you click the Save Changes button.  View the video below for a brief tutorial.

    You can also purchase more powerful and precise clubs in the Pro Shop.

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