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  • Match Play Challenge Payout Tip

    20 Dec 2009

    It's been a month since we launched match play challenges, and we hope you are enjoying yourselves. Some people have been confused about the payout they earn, so we wanted to help clarify how it works. The example we like to use is a game where each player challenges 100 credits. The credits you earn in such a challenge is 80 credits, and this has some people confused.

    If you put in 100 credits into the pot and so does your opponent, and you each pay the 10% fee, that is 90 + 90 = 180 credits. When you earn the 180 credit pot, you have to subtract that with the original 100 credits you put in, making your net gain 80 credits. There is a helpful forum post by nivlac that explains this in detail: http://wgt.com/forums/p/6617/41153.aspx#41153

    Hope this helps, and good luck!

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