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  • Learning Aids for Amateur Golfers

    23 Nov 2009

    By John Diekmann

    golf training aids Learning Aids for Amateur Golfers

    I know what you’re thinking, if there was really ‘A Way’ to get better in golf, some guy or gal out there would be richer than Tiger. You couldn’t build a practice facility big enough to hold all the people who’d be throwing money your way.

    In spite of that reasoning, I do believe that major improvements for golfers are just around the corner. We, or at least the golfing scientists among us, are really starting to understand what goes on in the golf swing thanks to high tech analysis tools.

    But it’s going to take time for it all this knowledge to trickle down. New younger pros are going to have to come along who have grown up with this knowledge. The average golfer is going to have to see the high man in his weekly foresome take 15 strokes off his handicap in a season while still using the ’same old driver’.

    And look at the video swing analysis they use during pro tournament broadcasts. That technology isn’t out of reach of your local pro. Once he sees his club golfers flocking to take lessons from the guy down the street who has the new gizmos, he won’t be able to buy it fast enough.

    And speaking of gizmos, why hasn’t someone invented a biofeedback device for golfers? OK, there are a few things that vaguely look like biofeedback. But I’m talking the real thing here, something that would make a psychologist proud.

    Take the club back too far to the inside and you get zapped. Use enough juice and you could stop Godzilla from coming over the top.

    Anybody who’s interested in where this new technology might be heading ought to check out the Carl Rabito training videos on the Golf Channel Web Site. Now here’s a guy who knows golf, human anatomy and has access to state of the art scientific tools.

    You might just understand for the first time in your life why your slice is sticking to you better than one of those things you get from your nose. And you might just be able to get rid of it – finally and for good.

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