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  • Not the Next Big Thing Anymore

    02 Sep 2009

    By Peter Kessler

    Photo: Dave Einsel/AP

    That would be Adam Scott.

    He would be the current big disappointment.

    Liberty National cost $250 Million to build. $250 million. And not one player likes it. Not one.

    That may be inexplicable but what may be splicable (my word) is like all courses, old and new, it will get better-it will be tweaked and and massaged and rejigged and turned into a course that the pros won't mutter about--particularly since it's not on the schedule going forward.

    Heath Slocum and YE Yang. One great weekend or a sign of things to come?

    Cabrera, Glover,Cink, Yang and Slocum. Not exactly golf's Mount Rushmore.

    Goydos and Marino-window dressing again.

    Someone actually wrote that Tiger was stuck on 14 majors after "blowing the PGA Championship." Last time I checked,he got beat by Yang.

    The Fed Ex Playoffs may be a mathematical mystery but I do know that the first week identified the best players and one unknown, just like a great tournament is supposed to.

    Tiger did not misread the last birdie try on the last green, he pulled it.

    Tiger is still by miles and miles the best clutch putter of all time. We are just so spoiled we think he will make everything all of the time...Forever.

    In 2009 Tiger has won twice as many tournaments as the next guy. Who is the next guy?

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