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  • Christina Kim Doesn't Have a Bag Sponsor

    29 Aug 2009

    By Peter Kessler

    But I bet she will before the month is over. She is too feisty, too colorful a character not to blast a sponsor's name successfully across her bag.

    There were fake swans in the lakes last week at the Solheim Cup.

    Five time Open champion Peter Thomson said Tiger should smile more. If he had won the PGA last week....

    Tiger is playing in all four Fed Ex Cup events. Do you think he has something to prove to himself?

    Tiger was asked what he thought of Liberty National, site of the first playoff round. He said it was "interesting." "In a good way," he was asked. "It's interesting." he said.

    No eye contact between Tiger and Yang when they walked past each other several times this week.

    Michael Bradley won the Puerto Rican Open and didn't qualify for the Fed Ex Cup Playoffs. Time to tweak the format.

    Nicklaus said course design work in the U.S. is way down but that he expects it to pick up again soon. Really? Soon? Courses are closing, not opening right now.

    I still don't understand golf in the Olympics. If you don't play golf, how can you fall in love with it by watching on television? It's slow, you can't follow the ball and you can't see the contours in the greens properly. Olympic stuff is usually measured in seconds, not hours.

    I think Tom Watson would be a perfect pick as a member of the President's Cup team.

    Two shining stars have presented themselves this year as the future of golf: Rory Mcilroy and Michelle Wie.

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