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    24 Aug 2009

    By Peter Kessler

    If Michelle Wie was the best player on the planet what would that mean for women's golf?

    Michelle has had a good yet winless year. She has made all 13 cuts with some strong finishes. With her career changing performance in the Solheim Cup she will win this year, five times next year including a major and be the Player of the Year.

    Michelle learned how to close, how to handle momentum shifts and make five footers down the stretch.

    I submit that there have never been consecutive shots that left eagle putts of two and four feet as the ones hit by Helen Alfedsson and Michelle in the singles of the Solheim Cup.

    Really nice not to see Michelle's overbearing parents at the Solheim. She seemed happy and carefree as opposed to stressed and unhappy.

    Michelle's last two shots to the par five final hole were spectacular. A 355 yard drive and a 200 yard five iron to seal the win were Tigeresque.

    Michelle hasn't won anything, and I mean anything since 2003!!

    Christina Kim was perfectly appropriate in her handling of the Solheim circus. It's a festival and she provided the much needed personality and fireworks.

    Cross Ryan Moore off the list of best player to never win on the PGA TOUR.

    Sergio is oh for 44 in the majors, lost 2 Fed Ex playoff tourneys last year,hasn't won in 15 months and he still can't putt. And he looks like an old 29.

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