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    09 Jul 2009

    Here are the highlights from today's product release:

    Golf Balls in the Pro Shop

    You can now purchase virtual golf balls in the Pro Shop. The golf balls for sale in the Pro Shop will give you some incremental benefits over the basic ball you are given for free when you create an account. There will also be more advanced balls coming out in the future that will further improve your game. Read more about virtual golf balls in our FAQs.

    New Clubs in the Pro Shop

    • Ping G10 Pros (available only to Pro and Master tier players) - Fitted with stiff shafts to accommodate a faster swing speed
    • Ping Raptures (driver, fairway wood, hybrid, and iron set) - Highly advanced game improvement clubs that use exotic materials and innovative design to be very forgiving, while being capable of above-average distances
    • Ping iWi Anser - A finely balanced putter to increase precision
    • TaylorMade Tour Burner (driver, fairway wood, hybrid, and iron set) - Fitted with stiff shafts, these clubs will help you go the distance
    • TaylorMade Spider Putter - The beautiful and forgiving putter
    • TaylorMade R9 TP Driver - Bomb away with the Pro Style club and custom stiff shaft
    • WGT Tour Starters in multiple colors - Embrace your personal style

    ** Many of you have asked whether you will be able to trade in your clubs in the future. We are working on this feature now, and will announce an expected release date as we get closer to completing it.

    Edgewood Tahoe Golf Course Closest-to-the-Hole Challenge

    Play the same course at the same time as Michael Jordan and Ray Romano, as shown on NBC Sports. Set along the south shore of beautiful Lake Tahoe, Edgewood Tahoe is one of the most scenic golf courses in the world, and is rated by Golf Digest Magazine as one of "America's Top Golf Courses." Play the course free in this month's NBCSports Tahoe Challenge, in which all U.S. players will be entered into a sweepstakes drawing for a chance to win a trip and VIP access to the 2010 American Century Championship in Tahoe.

    Earnings Leaders on the Homepage

    Instead of displaying the top players according to Average Score on the homepage, we are now displaying the Earnings Leaders. This leaderboard more accurately shows the most active top players in the game.

    PayPal Now Accepted

    You can now use PayPal to purchase WGT credits, making it easier than ever to enter premium tournaments and purchase virtual equipment in the Pro Shop.

    Tee Changes

    Players from certain tiers have been moved up on the tees:

    Kiawah: Hack and Amateur tier players tee off from the blue tees, Pro tier players tee off from the white tees, and Master tier players tee off from the gold tees.

    Bethpage: Hack and Amateur tier players tee off from the red tees, Pro tier players tee off from the white tees, and Master tier players tee off from the blue tees.

    Friend and Invitation Alert Improvements

    There is no longer a chime sound when your friends become available and unavailable. A chime sounds only when you are invited to a multiplayer game, when you receive a friend invitation, or when it's your turn to take a shot in a multiplayer game, and there is the option to turn this off in the game options menu. You can also adjust the volume of the chime by using your computer's volume control or the "Music/Ambient" volume control in the game options menu. Finally, the volume of the music that plays when you first launch the game has been decreased.

    Bug Fixes

    • You should now see your new friends in the Friends section of your Profile page.
    • When your ball goes into the hole after hitting a pin, you will receive a Hit the Pin award.
    • Yardages were corrected on a couple of holes on Bethpage Black.
    • The Ping G10 Graphite and Steel Iron Sets have had their Proshop distances corrected to match the actual performance of the clubs.
    • The first hole on Edgewood Tahoe indicates that you are hitting off the rough instead of the fairway, which was incorrect.

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