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  • Play Kiawah Back 9 and Wolf Creek Now!

    24 Mar 2009

    Today's launch includes a new course and the back 9 holes of Kiawah Resort! Please let us know what you think in our forums, and check out the highlights from today's update:

    Back 9 Holes of Kiawah Island Golf Resort
    Stroke Play on 18 holes! WGT players now have full 18-hole access to The Ocean Course on Kiawah Island Golf Resort. Players have the option to play the front 9, the back 9 or the full 18. Look for some April tournaments to feature the full 18, so practice up!

    Wolf Creek Resort Closest-to-the-Hole Challenge
    Play a nine-hole challenge at Wolf Creek Resort, tucked into the northeast corner in Mesquite and carved beautifully out of the Nevada desert. Ranked as one of Golf Digest's toughest courses in America, Wolf Creek's challenging layout is matched only by its breathtaking scenery. Click the PLAY NOW button to experience it for yourself!

    WGT Tour Starters Set
    Hit the ball farther with the 2009 WGT Tour Starters Irons. These irons are tempo-matched to the more advanced drivers so the swing meter speed will be similar. Visit the Pro Shop and add them to your bag today.

    Invite Your Friends
    Now you can easily invite your friends to play WGT. Simply go to your Profile page and click on the "Invite Your Friends to Join WGT" banner. This feature helps you find people you know who are on WGT with an in-game friends invite, and also helps you send emails to friends who do not have a WGT account.

    Green Speeds
    We have changed up the green speeds on Kiawah to be faster and more true to the real-world course.

    Bug Fixes and Replay Wipe
    The following are bugs that have been fixed:

    • You should be able to change and save your clubs with no problems now.
    • The following awards have been fixed, and you should get them going forward. Birdies in a Game, Closest-to-the-Hole Accuracy, and Double Eagle.
    • A few changes have been made to decrease swing meter "stuttering". We will continue to investigate these issues to make the game more responsive.
    • You can now see the tournament you played in your score history, instead of just the course you played.
    • Delete links should no longer disappear after a certain number of posts have been reached on your profile page.
    • As a result of adding new courses, it was necessary to wipe the replays again. We apologize for any inconvenience.

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