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  • Heads-up on Next Week’s Product Release

    26 Feb 2009

    Thanks everyone for being patient and giving us a ton of very good feedback during this beta period. We have a release coming out next week that has taken longer than expected and has delayed our course releases, but addresses a few fundamental game dynamics the community has drawn to our attention.

    We have made major changes to the way the ball interacts with ground surfaces and the clubs (make sure you read your lie before you hit). We have also created a new set of clubs called the WGT Starters that will replace your Pre-Beta set.

    One side effect of these changes is that all of your saved replays will be wiped from the site. We are working on a solution in the future where we will no longer have to wipe the replays when we make these types of updates, and we will keep you updated as to our progress.

    Also in this release is the framework for the WGT Pro Shop, where in the future you will be able to upgrade your equipment. There will be a limited number of items in the beginning, but we will add more as they become available from our partners.

    Finally, we know that everyone wants to play new holes, and we can tell you that they are scheduled to come out in April.

    Thanks for making WGT the best place online to play golf, and we look forward to your feedback next week after the release!

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