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How hard can it be wgt unethical

Tue, May 16 2023 6:03 AM (60 replies)
  • Yiannis1970
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    Fri, May 12 2023 2:22 PM


    Wow Yannis, could you be a little more specific? I guess ignorance is bliss,mate? Maybe you could join pure gro in with the kiddies at putt putt golf...just a thought. 


    Yes my friend, ignorance is a bliss for those who responded to you this way. Cashe and cookies...OMG!! We have been listening this ''wisdom'' for so many years, So, yes, ignorance is a bliss for them...


    Just for the archive, i agree with so many points that you made on your posts, but i am so fed up all this time repeating the same and the same to deaf (and ignorant) ears, that's why i was laconic on my comment. After all these years, i don't think there are new points left out from this forum and after all these years we receive the same attitude from WGT.


    Alosso can explain it much better only by using 3 words...


  • alosso
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    Fri, May 12 2023 2:40 PM

    Alosso can explain it much better only by using 3 words...
    Pardon me: Which three words? I used seven here:

    "to stay a customer or to run"

    What else was so important in my speech?

  • Yiannis1970
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    Fri, May 12 2023 2:48 PM

    Hope is futile...

  • alosso
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    Fri, May 12 2023 3:13 PM


    It always amazes & shocks me how people are so willing to accept & stand for nothing & ignore blatant corruption & the complete lack of business ethics or morals or values or principles of any kind, that are so rife & intertwined in all areas of life & business in the world today, which is so blatantly & clearly evident & saturated all the way through the continueing development & the frame work & structure of WGT all for a....$. How many

    s is your soul worth?...

    Utter bs if you ask me, from A to Z.

  • Wendallson
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    Fri, May 12 2023 3:19 PM

    SamSpayed...thanks very much for your feedback & insight, it`s well appreciated mate & it does help.

    I don`t usually post, I usually go about my business,quietly. I do enjoy the game play, regardless of it`s blatant discrepencies,from a game player sense & the challenge of it.


    From a business model transparency perspective & business ethic in customer relations,top golf would have to be the worst I have ever come across & leave alot to be desired.

    Intuitively, I also understand, you can`t get a tune out of a table leg & my feelings on it are, especially where public liability & corruption claims could come into play, is why top golf / wgt are so vague & so non transparent with there customer email interactions, regarding in game issues & that feeling has never left me since this new version of the game has been introduced & the discrepencies I have witnessed & experienced in game play since that time, only reaffirm that feeling...if it is really the case, it will reveal itself, sooner rather then later I expect & bigger fish then me, can fry that one.

    As for my main question, about reverse camera views, I have to disagree with you on that one mate...I do believe they have the technology to have close up reverse camera views in all instances of in game play, as I have wittnessed & recorded it being the case in several etour & live events over the past 3 yrs from the tee, from the fairway & from the rough & bunkers close to the green on several courses., my belief is, if you have developed the technology to be used in some instances of game play, then you have developed  the technology for all instances of game play, for me the feeling is, why that have it so accessible as an option in the live events & the like, it is just another marketing tool for top golf to attract more wgt customers & there for more revenue & profit & why they limit the use of that technology in general game play, as in the long run, it increases the same, revenue & profit at the customers expense. Also, I just don`t like what seems to me, to be blatant corruption & deliberate dishonesty, regardless of the arena being personal or business.

    Also it`s good to get a definte from you about the replays not being reintroduced, I wasn`t aware of top golf stating that, I thank you for that. I like to review my game play, as to improve my game & xbox game bar, will do just fine, thank you for that tip.

    Thanks so much Samspayed for reading my messages & for your time & detailed reply, it is very much appreciated mate, best Regards, Greg

  • Wendallson
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    Fri, May 12 2023 3:45 PM

    I hear that I & agree to a point pdb1, Yep, we all have the dark & the light & some have the the self insight & awareness on both , we all blur the lines to some degree, that being human & human nature.


    As for discrediting someone, I don`t do it lightly....What I don`t like & what I am against are the ones that know & see the lines & the difference between right & wrong & consistently cross those lines & choose wrong without care or conscience for anybody, except for there own selfish gain, regardless of who they walk over or how they do it, whether it be in the personal or business arena & as far as I am concerned, based on my own personal experience over the last golf management & owners & wgt customer & member services, fit that category.


    Thanks for your time to read & reply to my message pdb1, it is appreciated mate.

  • callaghan159
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    Fri, May 12 2023 4:03 PM

    kiddies at putt putt golf..

    Putt putt golf is no different than this game...I call it clown golf...look at all the foolish things they have added like apparel and ball effects. LOL

  • DodgyPutter
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    Fri, May 12 2023 4:10 PM

    Also it`s good to get a definte from you about the replays not being reintroduced, I wasn`t aware of top golf stating that

    I'm sure Sam is right that replays won't come back, personally I'll go without rather than do more of the work myself.  If there was a vote among players for work on wgt replays or some new apparel?  I know, that's not how things work here, and there's always enough wanting new apparel or whatever for it to be said "we're received numerous (23) requests...."

    Anyway these are from Discord:

    nico ☀ — 09/07/2022 01:59

    I agree it sucks not having replays in the game anymore but at the same time with today's technology its incredibly easy to get clips/recordings of your play and even the ability to work backwards.

    nico ☀ — 09/07/2022 02:11

    Thats not even me saying if they are or aren't coming back at some point cause honestly I don't know the answer to that but there's less technical limitations now when it comes to getting replays/recordings on your own than even just a couple years ago

    Though I must say if it's so easy for us, some who barely know more than how to type and click, why isn't it easy for a game company?

  • Wendallson
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    Fri, May 12 2023 4:14 PM

    Yiannis1970 I hear you mate & I usually keep to myself & go about my business quietly & I was unaware that my points & questions were recycled ones, as I don`t usually get involved with forums & discussion groups for numerous reasons & as you say & I will put it in my own words, in general & in most cases (not all) forums & discussion groups are a waste of time & are on a hiding for nothing & more often then not, don`t resolve anything.


    I also Agree with Alosso`s words more or less, stay or go. I am not trying to change the world or trying to get a tune or response out of a table leg (top golf , wgt customer & members services) as my own experience with them, has shown me that it is also pointless & a waste of time & nor am I beating on my own drum....I just wanted to put it out there in the wgt community & see what came of it is all.


    So I thank you mate, for your non ignorant reply :-) & for your time to write a reply & to read mine. Best Regards, Greg