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WGT Nico Q&A - 1/27

Mon, May 8 2023 12:31 PM (236 replies)
  • sueomeara
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    Tue, Jan 24 2023 11:48 PM

    Hi Nico,

    As an club owner it would be nice to have the capability to cancel a tournament if we spot we had made a mistake when setting it up and then start again.

    Also it would be very nice if club members could play a club tournament together.

    It would also be great if wgt clothing improved i.e. more choice of colour in their outfits. More choice of visors in different colours as not every one wears caps. Just look at the bright colours out there in the real golf tour.

    Thank you for all you do.


  • ozysouthpaw
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    Wed, Jan 25 2023 12:14 AM

    Hi Nico

    I've asked this question previously and been told it's been raised but not a high priority. 

    When are we likely to be able to access Country Club Custom Courses when setting up a tournament from the app?

    I know it can be done through but it would be nice to be able to do it through the app.


  • Mightymousemv
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    Wed, Jan 25 2023 1:40 AM

     Thank you Nico,
    1: Mine  is in my achievements section “clashing with friends”. after playing over 30 rounds and of course using passes each time in the last clash hasn’t credited me with using any.  To date nothing has been credited after recent TW as well. Still today level 2, 9/14. Have been not been credited anything for a least a week.

    Did send a help message to member services only to get the standard response “ A response to your question was given by one of our WGT Agents.” Nothing since. 

    2: In the match play mode, Inviting some, not all friends get a message

    “The player you invited is ineligible to play this challenge game mode “

    although these friends that I try and invite  have the update on their device. There is no issue connecting when the same friends invite me. Gremlins? Lol. 

    Thank you


  • mrmp1
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    Wed, Jan 25 2023 3:41 AM

    Hey Nico

    I have asked this question before without an answer regarding use of cameras by all players in the group reverse view etc not only the person shooting like we had in flash

    Thanks  MEL

  • Robert1212122
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    Wed, Jan 25 2023 3:42 AM

    hi Nico,


    1 Is WGT planning to talk with survey company about any PC free credit videos, and survey be available for Poland?


    2 Is WGT planning to post, on line, rules to advance from legend to tour legend for people who play in coin rooms?


    3 Is WGT planning to change fee from 10 % fee (in credits) to 1 % free (in credits) for prizes in country club tournaments? 


    4 Is WGT planning to have randoms play 4BBB in other words "Four Ball Better Ball" game in WGT golf?


    5 Is WGT planning to have option for prizes, in credits, for top 70 players not top 10 players, at his moment, in country club tournaments?

    Kind regards,


  • callaghan159
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    Wed, Jan 25 2023 4:30 AM

    GM Nico......another request from me. Any chance of getting the Toptracer to be in same place and stay there. Cheers


  • BPeterson8256
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    Wed, Jan 25 2023 8:31 AM

    1) Are there any plans for a new course this year?

    2) Does WGT occasionally look into the possibility of bringing Cabo & Whistler back? I know there are licensing issues, but we were once told that Oakmont was gone for good and we now can play it again. Could those courses be leased? We used to be able to play them by paying a greens fee and they were available to premium members for free. I know they have not been set up for the current format, but before they were removed from the game, there was a way to play tournament rounds on those courses with this format, and they played fine. (The only exception I ever saw was a glitch that would freeze the game, forcing you to exit and then finish the round with Flash version. However, that was only one shot on one hole on the back 9 of whistler and only occasionally.) Overall, those courses played gr8 with the format we use now.

    3) Why have they never made gifting apparel (apparel with no attributes) available to us? This seems like it would be easy to do, would be a money maker for WGT, and players would appreciate it.

    Thank you for taking the time to do this, Nico. Your efforts and participation in the forum is greatly appreciated.


    EDIT: Not a question, but a wish... Like almost everyone, I would love to see the top level Callaway wedge offered in a 64 degree. I noticed someone else asked about that already.

  • nopro17
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    Wed, Jan 25 2023 11:33 AM

    Hi, Nico.

    Please consider the following:

    1) I agree with Sue who suggested "the capability to cancel a tournament" for club owners.  I allow my members to create tournaments.  Occasionally, they will get the "you are not at the correct level" error message and think that the tournament didn't get saved.  So, they set it up again.  We end up with duplicate tournaments.  I have a semi-automated way to set up our daily tournaments but I made a mistake when setting one up manually the other day.  I made it single play instead of unlimited play.  It would have been nice to correct that error.  You already allow a bracket to be cancelled if it has not been filled up yet.  It should be an easy thing to allow any tournament to be cancelled if there are no entries yet.

    2)  Could we get Stableford/Clash scoring for country club tournaments?  Obviously, you have the programming already in place for the Clash so it would seem to be fairly straightforward to add it to CC events.  I could see why you might not WANT to do it (i.e. keep it exclusive to the Clash).  If that's the case, just say so.

    3) Could you add the ability for the club owner to specify the number of Super Passes that are available for a Clash round?  For example, we might have 16 SPs in our inventory but I only want to make 6 of them available for this particular round.

    4) It would be nice to be have an easy way to save scorecards without having to take a screenshot and then uploading it to an image hosting site.

    Thank you.

  • Nancy1959
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    Wed, Jan 25 2023 2:05 PM

    How many level 200 members have to reach this level (while so many level 200 members quit spending money on WGT or quit the game altogether because there is no more level that they can achieve) before WGT decides to adjust the levels beyond level 200 to a reachable amount for long-time players?  I've been close to quitting since reaching level 200 (and I am likely the highest paying customer you've ever had) to join those who have totally quit playing this game many times since I reached level 200 nearly six years ago for this reason.

    Why do you wait so long to give benefits to country clubs beyond where you have listed benefits?  Again, this costs you money because there is no incentive to keep going.  I was at The Georgian for a couple of years and saw the constant message, "More coming soon" under the tab of benefits.  We had reached level 21 and still no benefits beyond level 16, which hundreds of clubs had already reached.

    Now I am at Majestic Mountain.  There are no CC benefits beyond level 20.  We are already at level 22 and will reach level 23 this summer (which is 821 million xp beyond level 22).  Why do we spend the money and do all the work to get additional benefits, but by the time you manage to get around to giving those additional benefits, a ton of other clubs have the benefits that we should have had for years?

    I guess my core question is:  "Why wouldn't you make these changes?"  You are a business, after all, and you would make a lot more money by doing both of these things that would probably take one of your programmers about 10-15 minutes to accomplish.  It makes no sense to me and so many other players.