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WGT Nico Q&A - 1/27

Mon, May 8 2023 12:31 PM (236 replies)
  • SimonTheBeetle
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    Tue, Jan 24 2023 1:07 PM

    Will PC free credit videos be available again for all regardless of region?

  • Gepetto1958
    4,197 Posts
    Tue, Jan 24 2023 1:49 PM

    Any plans for a high level 64° Callaway wedge to match the other high level Callaway wedges?


  • aichapman
    1,301 Posts
    Tue, Jan 24 2023 2:17 PM

    Hi Nico,

    As prev asked by o p's

    1. Ability to save shot to video replay

    2. Ability to play club tournaments/custom courses with friends

    3. Position putting "block" higher or make more transparent (I'm old and have poor eyesight)

    My ask is, the abilty to navigate around the course to watch when my opponent is shooting especially when they're putting as it adds to my personal enjoyment game wise. I'm not really interested in checking out my opponents rear ends or soles of shoes. :-0)

    Cheers Al



  • protonc
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    Tue, Jan 24 2023 3:20 PM


    Hey everyone, 

    Do you have any WGT related questions, feedback, or suggestions you want answered? Well now's your chance. 

    Nico, Thank you sir!


    1. How many employees at WGT?

    2. Can we get an all black apparel head to toe? (Thanks Sam)

    3. Sunglasses to go with any apparel?

    4. Fix showdown issue.

    5. Change all default games to scored instead of practice?

    6. Create a handicap system for cc’s possible?

    7. In game audio chat?

    8. Fix skin’s winning shown at end of game?

    9. Tiered Clash? 

    10. Why can I not have my username changed to ProtoNC?

    11. In game chat, playing with default player images makes it hard to distinguish who’s chatting, can we come up with something better?

    12. Add color descriptions to all apparel for us colorblind people.

  • dragonmouse
    23 Posts
    Tue, Jan 24 2023 4:17 PM

    I have read all the issues with a universal chat system, and I understand it is madly difficult.  Having said that, would it not be possible, (not easy) but doable to add a chat function between online accounts listed as friends?  Maybe a link to a chatroom that is accessable while online outside of in game?


    Since I cannot pay for credits as living on a fixed income, I do the video's and have patience to acquire what I need.  Having said that  I play the occasional tourney but have serious doubts of ever meeting the top 70 or whatever to win a bit of credits, when I must play with those far above me in skill/level. The only way I can find to limit this are tournaments that cost credits to play.  Is there no way to make some of the free tournaments limited by level/tier? 

    Not a complaint as I play for fun and will continue to do so, but it would sure be nice to be able to compete with those closer to my own level/tier/skill set, for credits without having to play the upper end fellas where I have not much chance. I enjoy playing the big guys, I learn a lot usually, but would like to be able to occasionally play in my own lane and still have a chance at some viable rewards.

    Last but not least, view of the putt once completed.  Why must it change to focus on the cup?  If I can see it to hit my ball toward it how difficult would it be to leave that view alone until it falls or passes the hole?  I could then at least see which side I miss on and whether I address the green correctly.  Don't need a putt view like the hack version, simply stop changing it mid roll. If I cannot see the cup (like deep in a sandpit) or hitting it hundreds of yards on a fairway etc. Ok I get the view change, but on a straight 15 ft putt, really? No wonder I cannot get better when I cannot see what I did wrong, start to finish on a putt. 

    Will look forward to your answers for all of us, thank you for that service.

  • callaghan159
    6,205 Posts
    Tue, Jan 24 2023 4:19 PM

    How about finding a Alt Shot fix for finding 4 random does take awhile at times to get for 4 players. Personaaly I have seen it take me 15 mins to get a game. Cheers Nico. I hope WGT doubles its workforce to fix some of these requests/complaints.­čĄú

  • beerstine
    646 Posts
    Tue, Jan 24 2023 5:15 PM

    Can the putting billboard on PC/Mac be made a user option, either top or bottom.  You can make everyone happy by giving them choice.  

  • TomRett43
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    Tue, Jan 24 2023 6:10 PM

    Hi Niko,

    I’m enjoying WGT and my CC.

    For the most part if I have an issue, customer service has taken care of it. Even though they have told me several times, that because of confidentiality rules they will not be able to tell me the outcome of their investigation. Of which I replied to them, Thank You for taking care of rude and not respectful players!

    My main question concerns earning credits. Why can”t I get I get my allotment of credits on a consistent basis? Some days I get my 150 and others I only get 80 to 100? This is usually on the mobile site. Then there are some days I can get 100 or more on the pc/online version plus the mobile allotment; thus hitting 250. Then other times, I don’t get anything on the pc/online version. It is not very consistent. 

    Thanks Niko,


  • SamSpayed
    4,850 Posts
    Tue, Jan 24 2023 8:58 PM

    Can we get an all black apparel head to toe?