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Wed, Jan 31 2024 10:43 AM (58 replies)
  • TheDudemeister69
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    Wed, Dec 21 2022 4:01 PM

    What is troubling to me is that when a new player requests to join a random CC . They very likely will get placed in a DEAD CC . And not know heads or tails what has happened .

    Unfortunately, there really isn't any solution to that.  WGT has very limited resources (let's face it, they can't always keep the game running smoothly!).

    WGT could either have an employee look over all the CC's and decide which ones are "active" and which ones are dead, or they could program an algorithm to do it.  Either way, it would be a daunting task that would use resources that they simply don't have to spare, to solve an issue that they simply don't believe is an issue.

    And suppose they did do one of the above, to weed out which CC's make the list and which don't - which ones a new player might randomly get put into and which ones they won't... what criteria should they use to make that determination?  What if there's an active owner with a small, struggling CC he's trying to grow - and doesn't make the list.  Is it fair to him?  What should the cutoff point be, between an "active" club and a dead one, and who thinks that they should be the one to decide that?

    To my way of thinking, most people that have any more than a passing interest in this game will check out the forums at some point.  They will know/learn about country clubs, and (if interested) they will spend a few minutes looking into them.  Also, while playing coin rooms, anyone who is a decent player (and not a CC member) will regularly get invites to CCs.  Heck, I've had directors/owners of clash clubs try to poach me on occasion (and that is totally not cool).

    People that have played this game for years yet don't belong to a CC, and then come to the forums with a question..... maybe all they need is an answer to that question, and not a sermon on why they should belong to a CC (from a person who doesn't belong to one).

    I suppose that you posting on others walls might be harmless enough, but I know that I wouldn't like it if some stranger posted on my wall.  Just sayin'.

  • TheDudemeister69
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    Wed, Dec 21 2022 5:50 PM

    And why is that not cool ? This is the US of A . Free speach and free enterprise . It isn't hurting anyone for you to be asked .

    Many people consider it inappropriate to try to get players to leave their CC and come to another one.  It doesn't really bother me, I just think it's a bit forward to do that.  Maybe if you're playing a coin game, and you look at the other player's CC and see that it is dead, sure... but if you see that the person is a member of an active club, playing in club tourneys, etc... well, it might be a little bit inappropriate to try to lure them.

    I'm never offended by such offers, I politely decline (or just ignore them).


    Other than awards

    I do recall you posting an award on one of my club's members' pages some time ago, for an accomplishment that they mentioned in the main forum.  An issue I took with that was that my club already has a member who posts awards for such accomplishments - me - and it was obvious that was the case (the member had other awards posted).

    You, obviously, weren't concerned about stepping on toes, and posted your award on the member's page before I had a chance to.  No one got upset about it - I posted an award as well, and yours got deleted - but the whole situation convinced me that you are not very concerned about etiquette, etc. when you post on other's walls.  Etiquette is very important to country clubs.

    And to see you regularly posting on people's walls that they should be a member of an active country club - when you aren't... well, all I can do is shake my head and think that you must never tire of the sound of your own voice.

  • TheDudemeister69
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    Wed, Dec 21 2022 7:01 PM

    You are no seeing this clearly, pdb1.

    But it didn't happen .

    Oh, it did indeed happen.  I remembered it clearly, and digging back through my PMs with the member, I confirmed that it happened exactly as I recalled it.  You can deny it all you want, but I know that it happened.


    Another claim to try and bait me . Lol . Nice try .

    My statement that you "regularly [post] on people's walls that they should be a member of an active country club" is just that - a statement.  It is not a "claim".

    The "activity" section of your WGT profile page reveals that you posted your active CC speech on no less than 4 different players' walls just yesterday (one of which has been deleted and replaced by one of your trophies and another message).  Looking back further, there are many other instances of you doing this.

    So what I said was a statement of fact, not a "claim" as you suggest.


    You are misguided by believing that I have no etiquette . Those claims would be false .

    Your actions do not lead me to that conclusion.

  • TheDudemeister69
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    Wed, Dec 21 2022 7:56 PM

    So what's your point ?

    My point is that I made statements that you dismissed as false and as claims, despite the fact that those statements are true.

    I stated that you regularly post on players' walls urging them to leave their "dead" CC.  You dismissed that as a "claim to try and bait" you.  Meanwhile it is an irrefutable fact, as evidenced by your activity history.


    My point is that you denied the possibility - even saying it "didn't happen" - when I stated something that is 100% factual, that you posted an award on a person's wall when it was readily apparent (on their wall) that that person's CC had a system for recognizing the accomplishment.  You posting that award was, at best, extraneous, and at worst inappropriate, and certainly not something that I would expect from someone who talks of etiquette and country clubs.  Sure, it's not a big deal, but what you did is certainly something that I wouldn't presume to do.


    My point is that it is very ironic that you feel so strongly that players should be members of active CCs, yet you do not belong to one yourself.  In and of itself, that brings your credibility into question.  Yes, you did run a successful CC for a number of years, but you shut that CC down and do not (currently) belong to another one.  "Do as I say, not as I do", I guess, is what you're getting at.


    Go ahead and keep posting on players' walls.  I think it's arrogant and presumptuous of you to do so, but that's just me, and in reality your wall posts are harmless.  If some random person posted on my wall, I'd just delete it and block the person so that they couldn't do it again - no harm done.


    I stated:

    I do recall you posting an award on one of my club's members' pages some time ago, for an accomplishment that they mentioned in the main forum.

    You replied:

    It couldn't be exactly . As it could not have been a CC event .

    In fact it IS exactly how it happened.  I said nothing of it being a "CC event", I said it was "an accomplishment".  In this case it was a double-eagle.


    No apologies if I beat you to making an award . There is no race . And you probably wouldn't have anyway .

    I don't expect an apology from you.  And that strikes at the heart of you pontificating about CCs and etiquette, etc. while your actions say otherwise.