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Wed, Jan 31 2024 10:43 AM (58 replies)
  • callaghan159
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    Wed, Dec 21 2022 3:30 AM

    Sorry but this post like others is to long for me to take the time to read. Not into reading novels.

  • tramilleo
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    Wed, Dec 21 2022 6:18 AM





  • IamNicklaus
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    Wed, Dec 21 2022 7:35 AM

    Ignoring the  troll posts , I will try and add something constructive .

    Are you really saying , that people don't realise they can leave a club  and simply  join another one ?  The ability to do this is quite straightforward both by the app and by logging into your account on and requires the minimum amount of brain cell usage to work out.

    Still think you are making this out to be more of a problem than it actually is , and still maintain there is a large percentage of cc members who are only interested in the free shot and putter pal ( the lack of participation in cc forums bears this out and always has done) . 

    Also , who gets to decide when  the club is dead .? owner might decide to take a sabbatical and return .

  • TheDudemeister69
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    Wed, Dec 21 2022 2:09 PM

    Funny that while endlessly extolling the virtues of belonging to an active CC, pdb1, you do not belong to one yourself.  I am aware that you were once the owner of VOTSCC, and (for whatever reason) that CC is defunct.  However, if membership in a CC is such an important part of WGT, as you say it is, why do you not belong to one?

    I belong to a CC, and I thoroughly enjoy it, but the CC environment is not for everyone, nor is it essential for enjoying this game.  You don't seem to consider that there are many players in WGT that aren't in active CCs simply because they don't want to be.  They play coin rooms, WGT tournaments, etc. - and have no need for a CC.  Except, of course, the free shot pal and putter pal - the best way to get that is belong to a CC.  Whether or not that CC is active doesn't matter to them, though, they get the shot pal and putter pal, and that's all they want.

    There are many people in WGT that have no interest in or use for CCs.  There are also many who, for a variety of reasons, have been turned off of CCs, often by clubs that have onerous play requirements.  You are being presumptuous by being the self-proclaimed messiah of country clubs, intruding on these people by posting on their walls imploring them to join an active CC.  And you don't even belong to one yourself!


  • IamNicklaus
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    Wed, Dec 21 2022 2:37 PM

    You're joking right ? There is but a very small handful of CC's that have it together enough to be able to offer such a relief to their owner and have the CC carry on with normal stability in the owners absence

    Why would I be joking ? .....Many clubs continue with an absent owner , managed by directors with tools.   And the reason is because the player pool left within the club is happy to plod on with free shot and putter pal.

    You clearly think that the people you have alerted to being in what you call a dead cc and who have actually responded to you , is somehow a significant number of these people as a whole , it's not!  .  What percentage of these have actually responded to you ? 

    There are many people who will carry on in an inactive cc , simply because they are not interested in in getting involved in another club  and are quite happy as they are .

    Saviour syndrome is an actual thing ! :)

  • IamNicklaus
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    Wed, Dec 21 2022 2:55 PM

    In 2013 and the following 6 years , as a CC owner . Among other methods , I spent a huge amount of time and effort attempting to recruit a GR8 many of these types of players . I came to the conclusion that MOST were stuck and clueless . The very few that I actually communicated with , were aware of their status

    Ummm how can you form that conclusion , when you go onto say you only communicated with  " the very few " .  Perhaps it's worth considering that the majority of people who didn't  communicate felt no need to and were quite happy eh .

    Anyway , we could have a whole page of people disagreeing with you and you still wouldn't concede they had a valid point ...Dudemeister pretty much summed it up as far as im concerned , so no need to to go back and forth anymore .  Have a good xmas holiday.