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Forfeiting. Can anything be done?

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Sun, Nov 27 2022 8:45 PM (20 replies)
  • FatFace68
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    Sun, Sep 18 2022 4:11 AM


    Can anything be done to stop players giving up so easily?

    So when you lose . You should afford the same respect to the winner to complete the round and get his W . At the very least .

    Greetings , conversation , inqueries , compliments , best wishes , etc can be included as well .

    I always start every game with "Hi GL" I love a chat as I play. For me it's all part of the multiplayer game. I understand some don't, so if I get no response after one or two comments, I shut up. Always good to offer a "GG well played" at the end of a match too. 


  • FatFace68
    77 Posts
    Sun, Sep 18 2022 4:21 AM


    Many can’t stand that a player who is +8 keeps playing with no chance to win. They want you to quit so they can start and finish another game.

    Uh not . Not ever .

    There is no mojo in anything you said . All of it not true and not recommended . Not good practice and none of the formats are designed with that intent .

    Inventing negative scenarios is not creative or productive .

    Well said. 

  • CaptRon48
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    Sun, Sep 18 2022 1:24 PM

    Personally I don't care if people forfeit  as long as they do it correctly. Don't just click game off - go to screen and withdraw! 

  • BarelyHuman
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    Mon, Oct 24 2022 7:49 AM

    I have no issue with someone forfeiting, as long as done correctly. What I do have a problem with is the game locking when a player just exits improperly. In the current Showdown my opponent left on the first hole at pinehurst and the game locked. When it resumed after a few minutes I was disqualified and given three bogies for the holes... knocking me well down the standings. 

    There are certainly glitches that have to be dealt with. Fortunately it is just a game and little money is on the line. Accept the crap and move on... life is too short to be irritated by the little things. So I guess I really don't have a problem with it after all....

  • pase4win
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    Wed, Oct 26 2022 6:14 AM

    BANNED   Wgt would go Broke lol

  • LeifHackerson
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    Fri, Nov 25 2022 12:37 PM

    There may be exceptions to every rule--

    Perhaps someone here can help--Yesterday was a rare exception that I told the other player I had to leave the game because

    1. He was letting the time elapse to zero on EVERY shot, and

    2. for reasons that escape my understanding, even after his clock read 0:00, after another 20 to 25 sec. later, he still took his shot and the game failed to penalize him for late play with a warning or disqualifying him [a Master].

    I'd understand if that happened once, but it kept happening after every one of his turns--Has this happened to anyone else?