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Forfeiting. Can anything be done?

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Sun, Nov 27 2022 8:45 PM (20 replies)
  • pdb1
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    Sun, Nov 27 2022 8:45 PM


    There may be exceptions to every rule--

    Perhaps someone here can help--Yesterday was a rare exception that I told the other player I had to leave the game because

    1. He was letting the time elapse to zero on EVERY shot, and

    2. for reasons that escape my understanding, even after his clock read 0:00, after another 20 to 25 sec. later, he still took his shot and the game failed to penalize him for late play with a warning or disqualifying him [a Master].

    I'd understand if that happened once, but it kept happening after every one of his turns--Has this happened to anyone else? 

    Yes it has probably happened to every one of us . At least once . Some maybe many more .

    Your first reason is not valid . If it is a Coin round . The shot clock is 45 seconds . It may be irritating to you for him to use the whole clock . ( likely his agenda to get you to forfeit and a sure win and coins for him ).

    All the more reason to shine on those few seconds and beat his ass .

    Your second reason . Also not a good reason . ( not trying to be rude ). Yes there is a time discrepancy between your clock and his . You cannot see his clock . He took his shot just before it hit zero . It is not your concern to be watching his clock . You just don't need to let it bother you .

    You do still have the right to leave the game . But IMSO . Those reasons are not legit .

    I suggest always trying your best to always complete your round .


    Just today . 2 out of 3 rounds the guys forfeited . In one of them when he missed his putt on the 3rd hole . I had a 1 footer . The round would be over in less than 30 seconds . Knowing there was a chance he would forfeit . I tried to hurry . Didn't need to line it up . Just move the meter 2 feet . And BAM he forfeited .

    So unsporting and rude and selfish to disrupt , end , forfeit a round within seconds of its completion .

    So I left this message on his wall .

    THE NEW LONG WALL now 2 pages  - Page 2 U5453491_20220619_114102.jpg?0.159
    28 Nov 2022
    That players like you . With no sportsmanship , no love of the game , quitters rather than playing 30 more seconds to let your opponent finish a 3 hole round .

    Is what is wrong with the game these days . It is a bigger problem than ever before . And one of many that are making this game harder to handle .

    Think about it would you ? Rethink your approach . I can tell you , you will enjoy yourself more .