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What new things do you want to see?

Fri, Feb 23 2024 7:02 AM (175 replies)
  • WGTNico
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    Thu, May 5 2022 12:32 PM

    Hey gamers, 

    back at the end of March I made the what are the worst bugs thread and I gained a lot of good information from that one (still feel free to post in there whenever there's bug fixes we need to look at). I am back again with another question. 

    What are some new features you all want to see come to game. This one is a lot more open ended so it can range and you can bring up but don't feel limited to

    Outside the game

    • website
    • forum improvement
    • other

    Things within the game

    • quality of life changes
    • apparel ideas
    • tournament improvements
    • event improvements
    • country clubs

    Honestly anything you feel that can make WGT a better game overall. 

    Just as a little teaser, I have what I think is a pretty cool announcement next week for something that I've personally been working on for a bit. Before anyone asks, no it is not related to the new course coming to the game.


  • SamSpayed
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    Thu, May 5 2022 1:00 PM

    Game Play:

    1. Allow mobile players to play multi-player games (stroke, AS, etc.) with PC players.
    2. Allow players to play WGT- and CC-sponsored tournaments together.


    1. Bring the rest of the missing avatars items that were available / purchased in Flash back to the game (including kilts, Morning Drive avatars, Loudmouth avatars, etc.)
    2. Bring back the golf bags (or at least refund the credits for those of us who purchased them)

  • HamdenPro
    2,404 Posts
    Thu, May 5 2022 2:01 PM

    It would be nice to be able to have multi-player tournaments in the country clubs, like "best ball", etc.

  • PureGro1
    1,655 Posts
    Thu, May 5 2022 2:15 PM

    I cant say I play and think I wish they would add...But I have thought it would be nice to set up 9 hole multi player games Match/Stroke/Alt using whatever 9 holes you choose.

    I think the two big ones are the cameras still missing and the Red/Green online offline issue are the things I would like to see, along with the missing avatars and bags Sam mentioned.

    IMO- the message system needs a change, A lot of people are confused by messaging here and on the App being two different things- but having the same name. Maybe one could be changed to show the difference more clearly.

  • EdwardTLogan
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    Thu, May 5 2022 2:43 PM

    Off the top of my head I would really like to see :

    • the ability for Country Clubs to run tournaments using the clash scoring system. I mean we can do it now but it involves all players taking screen shots of their scorecards etc and someone doing all the calculations.
    • The use of codes to enter country club tournaments. Or at the least, when creating CC tourneys in the mobile app, the ability to limit contestants by tiers, as you can on the website
    • The ability for members of different country clubs to enter the same tournament so we can play multi-club tournaments without having to set up the same tourney in different country clubs and someone collating all the results and tabulating the results 
    • the ability for club owners to limit who can push the Challenge another Country Club button during Clashes. Maybe it could be set up the same way as owners being able to limit who has access to super passes?
    • the prize structure for Clashes to be re-jigged. Right now the prizes for 4th to 50th club are very similar, it's like everyone who turns up gets a medal.
    • Some equipment for players higher than level 102
    • An increase in the levels for players above level 200
    • An increase in the levels for clubs above level 21
    • Once you have played (and in my case bombed out of) the Winner's Circle, it disappears from the home screen

    Thanks for the original post WGTNico, appreciate it.





  • dhjam1
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    Thu, May 5 2022 2:51 PM


    Game Play:


    1. Allow mobile players to play multi-player games (stroke, AS, etc.) with PC players.

    Number 1 request hands down.

    Until then, At least let mobile players have the options to select course and conditions when playing H2H with a friend.



  • Cicero733
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    Thu, May 5 2022 5:23 PM

    All good and needed improvements. The one I would like to see the most is an explanation of what was “fixed” during an update. Something more than addressed needed fixes. Nothing elaborate just a brief explanation:

    ”Update 5.1 addressed the following

    1. Fixed yardage issue on Torrey Pine #3

    2. Fixed on/offline notification indicator

    3. Fixed the beer wagon’s flat tire.

    4. Added two items of apparel

    5. Fixed chat box window size issue

    Just something like Microsoft does after applying their updates and patches

    Like today, was notified that the mobile client had been updated game must restart, but I have no idea what was updated - but I can tell you that I noticed a significant difference in two things, but I have no idea if it is just my imagination or it was something that was really fixed.

    Thx for the opportunity to provide input.

  • twinponds169
    3,015 Posts
    Thu, May 5 2022 6:02 PM

    Honestly anything you feel that can make WGT a better game overall. 

    A HIGH trajectory high level 3-wood. Med/High is worthless on up elevation par 5 greens.

    The ability to snap one's putter in half over one's knee and throw it in the water, yet still have it in tow for the next putt. Couple credits fee maybe, I'd buy them in bulk. Whole new stream of revenue for you guys. :-)

  • billsmini10
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    Thu, May 5 2022 6:22 PM

    Just one thing comes to mind. Make the onscreen club distances (where you select clubs) show the actual club distance plus any added distance that your current ball adds. This is the main reason I'm playing with the default ball. It doesn't modify your club distances.

    When you wear apparel that increases club distances, this additional distance is shown when you make a club selection. The purchased balls should also show this increased distance on the club selection screen.


  • MalleeHacka
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    Thu, May 5 2022 6:48 PM


    I'd like to see a CC controlled bank where CC events can be played for credits / coins, that the CC decides who the prize winners are. This would be a tremendous benefit to those CC's that run their own handicapping system, as my CC does! The CC would decide when setting a CC tournament whether or not the tournament would have an entry fee as many CC's might not want to have an entry fee for every CC event.

    Whether for not WGT would take their cut of any entry fee, particularly credits, would be up for debate, but I would prefer that they didn't!

    Bob [Down Under]