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Tie-Dye Showdown issue

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Mon, Jun 21 2021 5:47 PM (20 replies)
  • pdb1
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    Mon, Jun 21 2021 5:47 PM

      Even though my RR count is only at 5000 rounds . That is the number of completed RR's I have turned in .

      Since 2012 . The number of 8 hole incomplete rounds ( very common during Flash) was easily equal to that or even double or triple between multiplayer and single play . One could easily play 4 , 5 , 6 , nearly complete rounds per day before one could or would record a complete round .

      This is still true  today . I play a couple few 8.5 hole solo rounds . Score too high to my liking or above my average . I quit on the 9th hole .

      Just the same as Flash . I'll attempt to play a couple Alt Shot rounds . That get to the 8th hole . I'm talking nearly everyday for the last 10 years .

      There was about 6 of those years that I played easily 10 CTTH's and or Blitzes per day on top of that .

      All totaled up . We're talking more like 30,000 rounds . Seriously . I know those numbers may be shocking . But I am far from alone in this . 10's of thousands of WGTers can relate to that .  All formats have had known glitches .

      My point is . That there are many many of us that are qualified to know how the game works according to our personal system and account .

      It makes little difference the faster or slower or newer or older or more or less of everything on your own system if the program itself . WGT . Has a hairline connection to the servers .

      Over the years there has been so many of these glitches . Some that made invites impossible .

      None of them were caused by our own computers . I have to believe that the developers have spent 90 % of their time monitoring and trying to refine and control the server connections . Since the day WGT started .

      And have little time for anything else . And explains why there is so little information to be shared with us .

      That's all .