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Forfeiture and quitting the game

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Fri, Sep 10 2021 12:33 AM (43 replies)
  • Allictap
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    Wed, Sep 1 2021 8:29 PM


    Impatience, Paul.

    I have had those experiences multiple times ... I sit and wait and swear at the opp ... but I have never lost a game sitting still.  Eventually the WGT computer gets it right on coin games.

    I suspect you are not being patient enough, although I get it, clock is running on bonus pack, etc.  Still, you have to wait.  We cannot reward the cheat who is trying to get us to dq.


    I believe that I have found a better solution.  I just go to Task Manager and stop the WGT program and then reenter WGT.  It usually shows that the opponent needs to log back in.  Wait 45 seconds and the game is forfeited to you.

    However, it is obvious that those who act in this manner are poor losers and WGT would be better without them (IMO).  I always block a player that does this.  I think we should name them in a stream so that anyone who would like to avoid competing with poor sports will have the option to block them as well. 

    This just happened to me in a 900000 game against "Russell1973".  We were on the last hole and I was up by two with a tap in putt to win.  He began putting all around the green and then he disappeared.  The game froze and the only game option I had was to quit and forfeit the match.  This is when I stopped the game using Task Manager and it worked like a charm.




  • jimshaw39
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    Fri, Sep 3 2021 3:09 PM



    I have this happen to me more than not and it’s frustrating and leaves bad taste in mouth.

    Why is it frustrating? You won. In what way are you harmed?

    Maybe some people play for reasons other than solely to get a win. Maybe they wish to enjoy some social interaction, maybe they hope to learn more about the game by watching their opponents, maybe all sorts of things. Maybe some people just find forfeiting rude and have an incomplete/unsatisfying experience when it happens to them.

    It could be argued that staying out of the coin rooms is the best way to avoid such disappointment of course.

    Coin players do seem to be a different breed. To each his own. Someone write that down.

  • Longplayer911
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    Fri, Sep 10 2021 12:33 AM

    Sometimes i forfeit when i get fed up with WGT, other times when i just have rush away, you dont know the plyers reason so just eccept it, Sandbaggers are what infuriate me grrrrr!