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Sun, Aug 15 2021 7:01 PM (32 replies)
  • pdb1
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    Sat, May 22 2021 1:35 PM

    I am posting these and other . Not so conventional ( or maybe they are ) scenarios . For the sole purpose of providing useful information to help when making decisions related to these topics .

      Some may not have considered all sides of these issues . I am happy to bring different perspectives . .

      I in no way am trying to say I am right . Or wrong . These current issues . Also go way back . To before I even started here . 2012 .

      There are these and other components to consider . For us and the development team

      That is all I am intending . To provide more perspectives . To help lower the complications . And to help keep the complications less in the future .




      Here are a few more archives with various scenarios to consider . Offering a different perspective than others .

      I always say . " There are 18 ways to do it . And their all right . "

    By JimQ916
      Hi all you great members.....hope you're having a great Sunday. I previously posted a few suggestions in the forum concerning the CC Tournament set up that some members liked and some not so much. Taking everything into consideration I have thought about how to have more members sign up and complete the Tournaments they have signed up for. Here are my suggestions

      1) Time period....I suggest a minimum of 3 days (ideally 5) to complete a round / tournament:
    ***I've found that tournaments set up for 3 days or less has numerous members who don't / can't finish their rounds in time. Many members have jobs / family / obligations that prevent them from playing daily and / or even every 3 days so they can't finish in time. There are also numerous other things in our club to do (Blitz / Bracket / Specialty Tournaments) that crunch a members ability to play what they want and consider our CC Tournaments as not a priority (last on the of things to do list).

      2) How many Rounds...I suggest no more than 2 but any amount is up to you
    *** I've found that Tournaments set up for 1 or 2 rounds have more participation and less members who sign up and don't play, or withdraw because of the length. Tournaments set up for 4 rounds have numerous members who play a round or 2 then either drop out or don't have the the time to finish and WD (see #1 above)

      3) Split Tiers....I suggest that most, if not all, Tournaments that are split up for Lower / Upper Tiers draw more people more complete the Tournaments
    *** I've found that "All Tier Tournaments" are dominated by the L - TL's with the lower tier members finishing usually 6th or worse at best. I understand that the "All Tier" set up is preferred by some but the idea of "Split Tier Tournaments (H - TM and L - TL) would allow every member entered to compete against players of similar skills with a chance to Win. I find it frustrating to post a 32 - 33 and get beat by 5 - 6 strokes thus I avoid these "All Tier Tournaments"  with many other lower Tier members avoiding them also.

      4) Green Speeds / Wind / Tee's...I suggest that the green speeds be set up with the default speed used by WGT.
    *** I've found that the green speeds be used in the set up of a Tournament sometimes influences a player to play or not. For the "Lower Tier" Players make the speeds Fast - Very Fast and the "Upper Tier" either Tournament  - Championship. You can choose the difficulty of a Tournament by moving around the tee's and adjusting wind speed. Every so often have a Tournament set up with faster green speed but make those few and far between. I myself, being just a Master, putt on VF greens but also enjoy playing on Tournament greens from time to time and Championship greens and up just kick my butt. Also, take into account the difficulty of the course being played... i recently screwed up by making a Tournament (at Brandon) with impossible green speeds for that course.

      5) 9 or 18 Holes...I suggest that most, if not all, tournaments be 9 hole rounds and not 18
    *** Once again I screwed up when I set up the Brandon Tournament and made the rounds 18 holes and not 2 rounds of 9 each. I should have set the Tournament up for 2 rounds (1st one front 9, second round Back 9) and never gave a thought to all the time constraints of the members (see #1 above) when I did it.

      6) Entry Fee....I suggest that Tournaments be set up for a minimal amount of credits to enter (10 - 20 - 30)
    I've found that the Tournaments that have a "low" entry fee attracts more members than one's that have a higher fee to join, especially in "All Tiered" Tournaments. Also, no pay Tournaments sometimes have numerous members joining or just a couple...flip of the coin. At our CC level we're allowed to have 12 free and 12 pay Tournaments going at once. See where we are in the amount of Tournaments there are but let's try to have 10 and 10 going at once. If we have all 24 set up there's no room for the Bracket Tournaments to be set up nor any other "Specialty" Tournaments, such as the "Starter Equipment" Tournaments.

      OK, that about covers what I feel would be ideal to attract members to join and also finish any CC Tournaments that are set up. I beg all members to consider setting up CC Tournaments and do so anyway you see fit.....these are just things I've noticed since becoming the Tournament Directer and checking each Tournament daily. Once again, these are only my suggestions and not requirements to set them up........Have a great Sunday......Jim


    More on  lowering ones average .

    As far as playing to lower your average and move up in tier . The CC unlimited play single player round is by far the best format . 
       The unlimited play format means . That one can play a round over and over . One can finish that round , which will make it count . Both on your average and in game completion . Then if you don't like the score you can play it again . 
       But the proper way to utilize the unlimited play format to your advantage . Is to end the round before the 9th or the 18th hole . You do this by either just ending the round and replaying it at another time . Or the proper way is to click the menu and click " restart " . That is only available in these unlimited play rounds . Whether you just end the round before it is over or click " restart " . It will not effect your game completion percentage . You can do this as many times as you want . Before the end of the round . The only round that counts is the one you finish . 
       So technically and hypothetically you could play until you got a score lower than your average . Finish the round that is lower than your average . ( this is if you are not saturated . ) Then your average will only go down .
       If you are saturated in your tier . None of this matters . Because any score above your average is thrown out , will not count in any format . 

      So anyway what this means is that you are already playing a custom made CC tourney . Custom made to your liking by our very good tourney makers . If you do not find formats and features that you like . Ask them to make them , or make it yourself . 

      So the various custom features make the tournament much more fun than just default WGT settings . So the custom features and the unlimited play " restart " feature . Allow you to play more times . Helping you to learn the course better enabling you to hone your skills .

      You may not be able to beat your average . But you can play a few times until you get a reasonable score that you can live with . Complete the round . Then go play another course a few times until you get a score you like on that one . 

      Remember . If you play a course 23 times . And on each time you restarted before the end of the 9th or the 18th holes . Those rounds do not count at all . Even if you never finish the round . None of them will count . 

      If you have a good score on your 24th try and you finish that round . It will count . The only one that will count . 
      This is the best way to prepare oneself for the tougher features of play in the WGT tourneys . And the very tough multi player stroke play rounds with players of your tiers from all over WGT . Where you want to perform well . You don't get to restart in those . They count in every way .

  • pdb1
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    Sun, May 23 2021 4:24 PM



    There are two new challenges in the CC now . They will be exactly like the " Magic Star " stroke play challenge and " The King " match play challenge . Which will now be for Legends and up .


      These in CC challenges are fun , competitive , friendly matches . Are inspiring and compelling . There are 2 groups for  Stroke Play titles and 2 groups for  Match Play titles .

      To challenge the " Magic Star " . The challenger picks a 9 hole course and challenges the holder of the " Magic Star " to a stroke play  round . Stating at the beginning of the round that this is for the " Magic Star " . If the challenger wins , he is now the " Magic Star "  . And it will be posted on his wall .Legends , Tour Legends , Champions .

      To challenge the " The King " . The challenger picks a 9 hole course and challenges the holder of the " The King " to a match play  round . Stating at the beginning of the round that this is for the " The King " . If the challenger wins , he is now the " The King " . And it will be posted on his wall . Legends , Tour Legends , Champions .

       They will be called the " Golden Dragon  " stroke play challenge  and " The  Royal Moon " match play challenge . These will be for Tour Masters and down . 


      To challenge the " Golden Dragon " . The challenger picks a 9 hole course and challenges the holder of the " Golden Dragon " to a stroke play  round . Stating at the beginning of the round that this is for the " Golden Dragon " . If the challenger wins , he is now the " Golden Dragon " . And it will be posted on his wall . Hack's , Amateur's , Pro's , Tour Pro's , Master's , Tour Master's

     To challenge the " Royal Moon " . The challenger picks a 9 hole course and challenges the holder of the " Royal Moon " to a match play  round . Stating at the beginning of the round that this is for the
    " Royal Moon " .. If the challenger wins , he is now the " Royal Moon " . And it will be posted on his wall .
    Hack's , Amateur's , Pro's , Tour Pro's , Master's , Tour Master's  These should be fun for all .


    They should be active and circulate throughout the C C .


  • HenryKawa
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    Sun, May 23 2021 5:21 PM

    Hello Paul.  Are we still friends? 

    I have not been around much lately.  I am now in charge of a team of Covid Enforcement Officer.  I was asked to head up the elite team so I am back in the game again..... after being retired for 4 years.   Its nice to be I/C again.   Talk again soon Paul.  

  • pdb1
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    Sun, May 23 2021 6:52 PM

    Hello Paul.  Are we still friends? 

      Of course we are Henry .

    I am now in charge of a team of Covid Enforcement Officer. 

      You Go . Henry .

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    Mon, May 24 2021 12:55 AM

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    Sun, Oct 4 2015 8:49 AM


      Yes they do . That's the gr8 thing about a CC . It's not cheating . You still have to play a lot . You still have to be good and step up to the plate and maintain consistancy . But it is faster . But still takes a hella long ass time . It is legit . We have had several Champion's come up . Took them a very long time . They can whip our asses with they're eyes closed . So go for it of course they are ranked . Even using the restart until you get the score you can agree with for that round .

    Furthermore in this CC we are all pulling for each other . We are team VOTSCC . When you enter a CC tourney a tiered CC Tourney with all the variables changed from the default WGT tiered Tourneys of the same course . To make them interesting and more to your liking . And each week the variables change . Giving you the chance to really learn that course . if you play against the course . Not even thinking about another score ( because it is awesome to be amongst many other gr8 low scores ) . Just play your game , play the course , I think you will find gr8 results knowing there isn't competitiveness but rather gr8 commaradary amongst us .

      Look I might sound crazy but I'm telling you I had a serious attitude change a couple years ago and the things I am striving for in this CC really work . I think there is already evidence of it throughout . We have a long way to go . But we have a gr8 start . Let's just keep on keepin on .
    Player reputation is not enabled in WGT . IDK if it ever has been . What you are referring to is game completion percentage . The GCP only works or counts in multi player rounds . Period . It is not in effect in any CC tournament or any WGT single play matches . The game completion drop can only be attributed to the stroke , match , and alternate shot in multi player rounds that you play . WGT glitches that cause disconnects are mostly responsible for that % to drop . I assure you that any thing you do in single player and CC play does not effect your game completion % . Here is an exerpt from WGT FAQ


    I see a colored ball with a checkmark in it on my account and other players in a multiplayer lobby. What is that?

    The colored ball you see next to player names in multiplayer lobbies is their Multiplayer Game Completion Percentage. It represents the percentage of the time the player finishes a multiplayer game. Green represents excellent completion percentage, Yellow represent good completion and Orange represents below average completion. The value are determined by the player's last 100 multiplayer games.

    May the SUN always be with you


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    Mon, May 24 2021 12:57 AM


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    Sat, Dec 10 2016 2:57 PM

      This is as good a place as any to repost this information . 
      My article 9 SHADES OF GREY . Explains all of the ways one can spin their wheels while having fun . Meaning formats that do not lower your average and do not count for anything . 
      There is one very big exception . 
      Match play rounds played and won against a player of a higher tier . WGT gives a super huge giant bonus points award for match play matches won by a lower tier . You can actually drop your average 2 or 3 points in 1 round by beating a player of an upper tier in a scored match play round . ( this would normally take 50 to 100 rounds to drop your average in stroke play ) . This feature is one way myself and many others came up in WGT . 
      In the " FIND A GAME " or the " CREATE A GAME " features you will find many upper tier players that will play you . It is hard and tough . You will have to play at their green speeds . You will make many friends with lots of experience and good tips . They will even let you win sometimes . They will sometimes gift you clubs or balls if you have good matches and they see you are fun and serious . This is no bullshyt . You will find upper tier players with 10,000 to 15,000 match play rounds . They just like to play . 
      It is a very viable way to tier up . Especially if you are not new . And you are a man . The wins , gifts and the gimmes will not come easy . But they will come 
      I have written about this many times before . After this mornings match with Charlie " fairyqueen "  You all remember her . Still a very good friend of mine . And one that I am confident will return to VOTSCC someday . Who not surprisingly was conned into starting their own CC by the infamous harryskunk in his never ending search to build the ultimate CC . POND JUMPERS ELITE . A name I came up with by the way . They loved it . Needless to say and totally expected harry left without a word after 2 weeks . 
      After I showed Char the match play bonus . She ran with it .

    • fairyqueen moved up to the Legend tier..
    • Yesterday . A little early I would say . As she has quite awhile at level 41 before she will be able to get high level equipment . 

      But she is very good . When I met her in October she was an amateur .
      She soon joined . And left . But we play about once a week . 
      Anyway she has been taking advantage of that match play bonus . 
      Much easier for a female . 
      But still a very good way for anyone . Especially if you have been playing your ass off and seemingly getting nowhere for a long time .
      This is a very valuable tip . Many of you could use it to your advantage . It doesn't happen overnight . But it is much faster . 
        BTW this bonus feature is only available through the Tour Master level . All levels Tour Master and below can get that bonus playing a tier or 2 or 3 or 4 above their own . The higher the tier above your own that you can defeat , the higher the bonus point average drop . 
      At the level Legend this bonus stops .

  • pdb1
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    Mon, May 24 2021 1:28 AM



    My name is Paul " pdb1 " . I run a little CC called Valley of the SUN Casual Club C C .
      Fun bunch of GR8 members . We have been playing CC vs CC Interplay for about a year and a half . 11 events . For me the idea is to match up about a 16 player team with another CC with the same size roster ( can be adjusted ) . To meet and play a match or two with an opponent from the other CC . In a match play setting . To have fun and meet & friend some new people from another CC and end up with some more cool players for multiplayer rounds in the future . Has worked every time for me .

      CC vs CC or Interplay or Clashes are 3 in the same .

       They all mean CC vs CC .
       WGT has its own version that they spring up on us every couple of weeks or so . 

       Much different than the independent events  that have been going on between   CC's since CC's were created here .

       This is the basic format .

      CC's interested in playing against other CC's have various means of communicating and contacting each other . 

       The idea is to arrange an event that matches two rosters with some sort of parity to play rounds With 1 or a team from one CC to play another CC .

       Once the format is agreed upon . The host CC is given the other CC's roster . Matches up their roster with the other . Picks a course and provides the line up to the opposing CC .
       It is then the responsibility of the two opponents from both teams to contact and friend and arrange a match at both of their convenience 

      .There is usually a 2 to 3 week period in which to play this one match with your opponent from the other CC .
      Except I have made these a 2 round format in match play . Usually Pebble Beach fr 9 then Pebble Beach bk 9 . 

      These are to be played by the same 2 players . As separate rounds . Can play fr 9 one day and bk 9 another day . Or can be played back to back . But as separate rounds . 

      A couple reasons I have made these 2 rounders .
       One meeting with two strangers is like a flash in the pan . Like it really never happened . 2 rounds really give them something to discuss and make it more of a real discussion . 
      Also could be considered a redemption round or an even up round . If you kick his ass in the first round ( in the most sporting and friendly way of course ) . There is another round for him to try and redeem himself . Or not . 

      Once the rosters are filled and the match ups made . Which BTW may or may not be even by tier or level . Some times demographics & location for time zones are considered first . These are match play and can go either way . And they only count in our minds anyway . 

      Once the rosters are filled and the match ups made and the start date is determined . I will create a thread in Community-Organized Tournament 
    With a title like " TEAM SO & SO HAS SOME FUN IN THE SUN ". 

      That will be a common place for both teams and CC's to be able to contact , or inquire , comment , post scores , complain , shout out , etc . 
      For all the 2 player match ups from the 2 teams . It is both of your responsibilities to make what ever efforts it takes to contact , friend , discuss , and arrange your matches . 
      Both owners need to know how that progress is going . That makes it necessary to either inquire about your opponent in the thread if you aren't having any luck . Or post " So and So and I have friended and are going to play tomorrow " . 

      So that's GR8 . But if that match doesn't happen . Which is often the case . You both need to be on it again and reschedule and post your progress so that both owners know something is happening .

      After each match is played . one or both of you post who won in the thread . I will update the scorecard accordingly  . 
      Just say I won 2 up over So and So . Or I won the first match . The points margin is only a point of interest and will not have a bearing on the tournament . You either win your round or lose it . Or win both or lose both or split . 

      Okay that is all the basics all the way through . 

      Now what is needed is for hopefully if possible 16 of you to step up to represent TEAM SO & SO . As their Interplay team . To commit to the protocol above and to play each event to the end 

      We have all tiers BTW . And at the moment 14 players . But I think we will have 2 more . 

      I know out of all of you . !6 of you will want to be involved with this .

    Please enjoy . 

  • pdb1
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    Mon, May 24 2021 2:57 PM

    Paul Thu 22 Oct 2015 - 20:04

    @KellyGreer wrote:Mike invited me to play an AS game the other day - same day I joined this CC as a matter of fact - and he tried to get several other of this CC's members to join that game (members who were GREEN.....errr Paul, hint, hint, hint) but several turned down the invite (as they said they were already playing in a game - yet their status was shown as GREEN) and several (err Paul, hint, hint, hint) never responded at all.

      Kelly , these are good questions and have been asked many times before . I will briefly explain these at this time . i need to go to sleep .
      First please read this
      Friending a WGT CC member is the same thing as shaking the hand of a team mate . Period . Here in VOTSCC especially . You have nothing to fear from the less than 60 members here in our very cool CC . Much to gain though .
      First friending a CC members only does a few things .
      1) enables a green dot when available  available only means that their computer is on and are logged into WGT and are not in the middle of a multi player round . Does not mean they are staring at their computer screen waiting for invites to decline .
      2) enables WGT PM messaging ( top of friends profile page not yours ) . Which allows one to communicate to one another . Communicate welcome and intersting messages as there would be no other reason for a fellow CC member to message you .
      3)  Opens a unique and elite pipeline of communication of opportunity bteween the always awsome and interesting and friendly members of VOTSCC that are always more than willing to step up and back you up and help in anyway more than any other place in WGT.
      Friending someone in WGT does not disclose any personal information about yourself . Other than you too are an awesome member of VOTSCC .

       Speaking for myself .If you had any idea of the incredible amount of time I spend on a daily basis posting , editing , copy and pasting , creating trophies , awards , replying , reading  , investigating etc , etc , etc . All the while leaving my status green . WGT also allows ones status to remain green during single player rounds which include of course CC tourneys . This gives one the ability to receive an invite during game play . Giving one the ability to chose to accept , but certainly not obligated to in any way . You might be in the middle of a very enjoyable round . Hence the " already playing a round "



    Post by Paul Thu 15 Oct 2015 - 22:32

    • pdb1 5,613 Posts
         Lol usually it's other people . But  I might be in another browser or I might not have WGT gameclient window open . or I might have 15 or 20 windows open  , or Im playing a CC tourney , or I click immediately on the invite ,
        But whatever , it goes away .
        Mostly because people have no patience , but many times when I accept , the program stops it when I click .
        So keeping that in mind . Could you ? After giving me more than 5 seconds  ( maybe even a whole minute ) to respond ?
        Please try a 2nd invite ? I always enjoy playing with you .
        By  " you " I mean E 1 .

    • pdb1 5,613 Posts
        I can click faster now . But not fast enough for you . Again I am going to suggest that when one invites someone . Try to give them the time allowed to get it together or close to it . Time after time I click to accept only 10 or 20 seconds after the invite appears and TOO LATE INVITE or GAME CANCELLED . I know for me I always hope they will try a second time . I will be waiting with the reflexes of a Panther waiting to snatch that invite quicker than you can tease me . Try giving me a whole 30 seconds if you have the time please . Lol .

    • pdb1 5,613 Posts
        I know . Some people seem to never respond . I might seem like one of them . Most often I did not see it at all .
        No really I have a little scorecard on my skynotes with x's for all the people i can ignore and decline . I just sit there laughing and saying " not today mo fo " click . Lol . JK .

    • FairwayJLA 18 Posts
      I'll try and notice when a member is green light on/available and try to send some invites.  All I do is play join in match and I would like to play more people from our club more often.  The brackets have helped a lot (time shifting).  VOTSCC 

    • pdb1 5,613 Posts
    •  That's gr8 James . Thank you for responding . Hope to play you real soon .
    May the SUN always be with you

    EDIT : Monday May 24 2021

      I am posting these and other . Not so conventional ( or maybe they are ) scenarios . For the sole purpose of providing useful information to help when making decisions related to these topics .

      Some may not have considered all sides of these issues . I am happy to bring different perspectives . .

      I in no way am trying to say I am right . Or wrong . These current issues . Also go way back . To before I even started here . 2012 .

      There are these and other components to consider . For us and the development team

      That is all I am intending . To provide more perspectives . To help lower the complications . And to help keep the complications less in the future .

  • pdb1
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    Mon, May 24 2021 7:50 PM

      More on invites . Then and Now .

    Sun 3 Sep 2017 - 10:49 

      As it becomes more and more evident that there is some problems . That have a tendency to spark many different unfavorable reactions and opinions and arguments . 
      Some that directly effect the survival of some events and formats in the future of WGT . 
      Some are too complicated to be certain of what kind and how much , or how many fixes it would take to solve .
      There is one though in particular . An area of GR8 concern to many . For various reasons . 

      Is the current old school poor excuse for an invite notification system . 

      A little tiny GREEN icon . Placed in the absolutely worst possible location one could think of . 
      That alone has been responsible for more devastating misunderstandings and catastrophic and devastating endings of everything from friendships to tournaments , to CC's . 

      Believe me when I tell you that the little tiny green invite icon located 2/3rds of the way up on the left side of a tab page . Is not likely to be seen by anyone that has an active brain and fingers that work . 

      As they are probably doing something constructive during their green status . Which only means that their computer is on and they are logged into WGT . 

      They are not sitting there staring at that little tiny green icon waiting to accept or decline the invites . 

      But in my case . I am extremely busy with admin . Which is my choice . But I would much rather accept an invite from anyone . And play a match . If there was a chance that I see the icon . I do surely jump on it . Unfortunately I am not in a position at the time to see the icon and I regretfully miss many invites . If I were to change my status to red . I would not have that chance to accept an invite . And it would be a week before I noticed that I was red . That sucks . So I will never turn my status from green . 

      This is a WGT wide problem and has been the case since before  I joined in 2012 . Quite simply the invite notification is a failure . There is no way you can predict what is happening on the other side of that invite . There are as many possibilities as their are players . And is not anything personally reflective to you . 

      There are ways to make the invite more likely to be noticed . Message any and all players prior and let them know you will be ready to invite soon . Any that respond . You have your answer , invite , and game . Seems like the hard way ? Thought it wouldn't be ? 

       I always encourage my members to message anyone they want to play with . Whether the person shows green , red , or even hidden . Yes they will get the email notification either way . Maybe come out of hiding . 

      The invite system is such a failure with that little tiny icon 2 thirds of the way up the left side of your screen . You have to actually literally almost stare at it at all times . So not to miss a rare or welcome invite . Very poor notification . 

      To have the same little Icon at both the top and bottom of your window tab pages. ( all the pages in WGT that are not the game client ) . Would make those invites hundreds of times more likely to be seen . 

      Or better yet  . A pop up that there is no way to avoid . That says So & So is inviting you to an alt shot match . Click here to accept , decline , leave message , or already playing 

      I know that these suggestions would be probably about 1,739th on the list . If even approved for review . 
      If you knew the turmoil and misunderstanding that this issue alone provokes non stop 24 / 7 / 365 with out fail . 
      Involving every kind of scenario . CC vs CC Interplay community organized and non community organized tournaments . Where the participants are from different CC's . Many already unfamiliar with the invite system . In which it is required that the opponents contact , communicate , arrange a mutually agreed upon time and day for which to be  GREEN . And then expect that this unlikely appointment is met by both parties . On the occasion that both parties find themselves GREEN at the same time . There is no response from the invitee . Frustrating the inviter . Causing him or her to message the unresponding  counterpart . Hopefully remaining calm and mature , professional , and polite . Inquiring about the un accepted invite that they had discussed the week before and agreed to mutually . Of course now that has blown any chances to play their match that week . And the following week one of them will be on holiday . 

      Well turned out that the invitee had in fact been GREEN and available during the agreed upon time . Had waited for the inviter to become GREEN . An extra 30 minutes . Had then gone to message the inviter and inquire . 
      The inviter it turns out had miscalculated the time difference and was actually 1 hour late . 

      If there were 2 more invite icons added to the the current icon . But placed one on the top and one on the bottom of the page ( s) . Anyone who was in a different area or page or looking at his daughter while she asked him what those GREEN things are blinking on the top and bottom of his page were . 
      Would be many many times more likely to see respond , and accept that all important invite . 

      Now that to some would be the more important scenario . Others that consider any of their time in WGT valuable . Would say that when they invite friends or CC mates to multiplayer matches . When the prospective invitee is GREEN . And knows the invitee is around and available . But did not respond or accept the invite . 

      And it turns out again that the invitee was just lower in the page responding to a forum post . Way below the little tiny GREEN icon 2/3rds of the way up on the left play now flash player section of the tab page . Completely out of site .

      Any dedicated and committed WGTer . Should have the ability to multi task and tend to what ever tasks is on their agenda . With the " luxury "  should be common place knowledge that . While tending to their administrative duties ( which could amount to hundreds of duties ) Should not be required to be playing a match , or just sitting there staring at the invite icon . Just for the simple reason to be aware of an invite .

      Should have the suggested 2 more notifications , or an even better system to alarm , alert , notify the moment an invite is initiated . To enable the invitee to respond quickly and timely with no chance of missing the invite from a friend that you had not heard from in 3 years . If missed would be possibly  the last opportunity to connect with that player .

      At any moment any invite could be that rare invite from a CC mate that you had never had a chance to play before . And not likely would again . From another fellow CC owner. One of the biggest highlight rounds one can play .

      Would never want to inconvenience those rare inviters .

      And should feel comfortable enough to stop playing and start answering the 100 plus messages that you received that day . To make some trophy's . To clean up the CC forum . To spend 2 or 3 hours messaging and explaining what WGT is to the several recruits that had just showed up . And literally dozens of other possible necessary tasks that any WGTer should be able to do . While staying GREEN . Available to play . As anyone would rather accept that invite and play than doing admin . So long as the invite notification were so efficient and effective that they would be seen and responded to . Whether it be to accept , or send a message , or decline . One must be able to see it

      In every scenario . The obvious and simple , cost effective way to solve this enormous problem that is an enormous problem . Concerning WGT  player relations and the highly volatile and negative ongoing , unnecessary daily , hourly turmoil that I would ask you to please take my word for the depth and vast effect that this issue presents . As I have only the best intentions for this WGT and my fellow players all the site wide . 

      To please take this suggestion very seriously . You can check out . investigate , interview members of my piers . Selectively and or randomly to verify and validate the extent of this problem that I feel is the root and cause of the sadly failing by the minute most popular and precious and necessary multiplayer format . 
      That once was a thriving and preferred choice for the masses . 

      But over time . With the various glitches in the past ( the invisible invite fiasco ) Immediately halted , ended forever . Some of the original organized ongoing site wide multiplayer tournaments . Stopped them cold in their tracks . As they all depended on the invite system for game play . WGT being the only game in town . 

      Most all of those long time favorite events for hundreds . Had played their last match . Never again to be able to generate the interest and commitment necessary to restart and continue a successful event . 

      And as the WGT community grew in leaps and bounds . Glitches came and Glitches went . Some remained and  got worse . Some became playable with work a rounds . 

      With the wavering uncertainty of game play and the always crap shoot of the multi-player invite . 

      And a couple few generational changes to the player in WGT . The trickle down effect of some of the older formats slowly but steadily dwindling down . Some to obscurity . Some still with hope to revive and live again and prosper and be enjoyed again  by the masses . 

      It would seem to be a no brainer . To install just 2 more icons added to the present featured icon . 1 to the top of the page . 1 to the bottom of the page . The smallest fix to one of the most volatile concerns today . 

      Sincerely GR8ly concerned as always

    Sun 27 Sep 2020 - 9:30

    With the changes that have come to the game, having a method of communication outside of WGT is vital. All the more reason to have programs such as Discord or TeamSpeak or Steam in everyday use by WGT golfers.

      Yes those programs are very helpful . When you have a network of friends that agree . When those friends are on and green and responding . Then it may be easier to invite and coordinate games .

      But if those friends are not available . Or not available often .
      Then multiplayer will be difficult . And will not have Discord or TeamSpeak or Steam communication .
      I do not know why more players are not on board those communication devices . Except for everyone knows you talk funny . Lol . No matter so do we .
      But still the invite system . The ability to invite and notify , and receive and accept invites . Is a weak effort at best .
      Notification could be improved . By having a notification message at the top and bottom of the screen . Or a pop up message in the middle of the screen .



      Instead of the invisible little green icon first . That are most often missed . Or not clicked in time . By the time you get through the game client they have already given up on you . You just wasted the round you were in . If you were playing .
      If you were playing . You will see a pop up . Or a notification at the top and bottom of the page .
      If you are green . And not playing . That probably means you went to take a leak .Or Walmart . Or bang the next door neighbor . And you won't see a pop up no matter how big it is .
      But if you are just writing a Forum post . Or checking a leader board , etc , etc . You will see the pop up .
      But you won't see the tiny green icon . And miss another invite .
      Shouldn't be that hard to make a better notification . From my experience this would almost fix the invites . Making it so easy . Even a red headed step child could do it .

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    Lol . Gotta love those double posts that moderation puts through . Gives me space to add plenty of content whenever .